Wonderful, natural lavender scent

Wonderful, natural lavender scent

Baldini BioAroma lavender fine, 1er Pack (1 x 5 ml) (Health and Beauty)

Customer Review

I love lavender and I love natural fragrance oils. I use it often in fragrance lamps, which are widely distributed in my house. Also to Nacharomatisieren of lavender in fragrant herbs - against moths in the laundry and wardrobe and under the pillow for better sleep and good dreams - Lavender oil is ideal.

Lavender is a particularly beautiful and healthy fragrance. It is important for essential oils, however, that they are manufactured using natural ingredients. Artificial fragrances never as natural and can also cause headache smell.

The Biorama lavender oil from Baldini is specified by the manufacturer also for seasoning and flavoring of food used. I have not tried yet, but I think there should only use a homeopathic dose really. For me, lavender is more a perfume as a spice; However, I have already eaten Herb Bitter Chocolate with lavender flavor - and tasted good. But I can not think of a meat dish or a salad, would match the lavender me. And frankly, no dessert. I think Lavedel as spice to foods is something for eccentrics.

In any case: the subtle scent of lavender oil from Baldini inspired me, and I will use the oil for my fragrance lamp in the bedroom. It gives off a really wonderful scent.

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April 16
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