Works on PS3 as expected

Works on PS3 as expected

Speedlink Torid wireless gamepad for PC / PS3 (up to 10 hours of play time, XInput and DirectInput, vibration function, rapid-fire function) green (accessory)

Customer Review

Had before an expensive 'Xbox Controller for PS3' tried, which was indeed very high quality, but not working. I have of course taken back.

This looks neither high quality of (could the green by colored plastic are), yet he feels so. The analog units are not as precise as the XBox controller or the original PS3 controller, but is sufficient for eg Auto Racing and Adventures of.

But everything is in the context of the offer price (Cyber ​​Monday, 20) completely OK And it works precisely. The long-term experience in terms of durability is of course yet, but GT6 now makes fun again.

Reason for buying:
The original PS3 controller I get to rel. short time problems with cramps in his hand and aching thumbs. I have to play not the XBox controller, so this for me is just the right accessory for PS3 to longer and more relaxed.

One star deduction for the (Speedlink typical?) Cheap plastic feel and not so good compared analog units. First person shooter that is capable rather uncomfortable. But I am not a fan of anyway.

Unlike the XBox controller that has a built-in battery and is (therefore) more easily. Is charged via USB, which is inconvenient if the battery is of course, as you continue playing with either string or must wait as the PS3 controller.

I have always charged Eneloops' lying around, so I like the XBox version with interchangeable batteries prefer.

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September 1
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January 22
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January 11
Beautiful, functional bag Rank: 5/5
February 11
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February 21

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