Wunderbar!  Almost fragile beautiful!

Wunderbar! Almost fragile beautiful!

Cover Version (Audio CD)

Customer Review

On my first listening session of the new album from Steven Wilson, "cover", I was immediately taken by the wonderful atmosphere that exudes the music and the almost fragile delicate voice. However, I would have "cover" to buy or listen more in the fall or winter. It is an excellent plant for this time of year. A glass of wine or a cup of tea and a good book fit perfectly to the music. Steven Wilson has enacted and interpreted some beautiful songs in his own way.
So songs by Alanis Morissette (Thank You), ABBA (The Day Before You Came), The Cure (A Forrest), Donovan (Lord Of The Reedy River), Prince are (Sign 'o' The Times), Momus (The Guitar Lesson), Luke Kelly, known from the "Dubliners" (The Unquiet Grave) heard. All songs are tackled very skilfully and carefully by Steven Wilson.
"Cover version" is truly nothing like Steven Wilson's other albums. Under certain circumstances, the album would be most likely to compare with the "Blackfield". The Master can stop bad tackle in a drawer.
My personal hightlight of this CD is "Sign 'O' The Times". It lets Steven Wilson crack a little. But songs like "moment I Lost", "Please Come Home" or "The Day Before You Came" make my heart beat faster. The acquisition of the CD, which is once again beautifully done, I have no regrets and I look forward to the autumn, where I can enjoy this music really.

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