Yes what to say

Yes what to say

PlayStation Plus membership - 3 Months [PS4, PS3, PS Vita PSN Code - German bank account] (Software Download)

Customer Review

Yes what to say .... the part of Amazon worked great the code transmission.

Otherwise, I'm glad that I have to credit geriffen code. First, because you can no longer trust Sony and you should not define a KK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Except it does a nothing from which the data are stolen.
and second, you can phase out the credit when did you brought PS + for the free games. This year for PS4 is the offer so shit that I'm going to get no more credit and would advise against any.
Who does not play multiplayer should renounce it.

Incidentally, you get pushed open a subscription. Ie if you do not announce to expire is your account debited and looks into the tube when you next time your account aufladet.

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