YOU SAID ... LOVE? ...

YOU SAID ... LOVE? ...

Muslims: You are lying (Paperback)

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The word Love does not appear in the Koran ... NOT!

However, there are more than 500 direct calls for violence and the ruthless murder of all that is unfaithful (Women, Infants, old men, sick), apostate etc.

Besides HOW reconcile the Love of neighbor, which is the bottom OUR Civilization, with TAQÎA This SCHOOL authorized LIE, AND RECOMMENDED taught by the "prophet" WRONG for non-Muslims DELIBERATELY TO enslave long term?

Can you read?
- Well read! ! !
For the latter there are excellent recent books that open our eyes ...


Judge springs more from your World Culture Greco - Romano - Celtic - Judeo - Christian, were you atheists.

But according to the values ​​of those who have been trained NOT like you.


Me too I meet, and frequent, Men and Women Muslims calm, tolerant, courteous, friendly.
Adults, usually ...

BUT they are NOT FREE in the sense that we are ourselves in terms of our consciousness.

Finally they are FIXTURE the group and the divine censure.

... I know personally who suffer.

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