You will have a great time!

You will have a great time!

Dark Shard (Paperback)

Customer Review

For a long time I was not myself living in a thriller, especially a thriller that is its plot in the 60s! This changed me from my other readings of the moment and it was not worse!
Where to start? At first I thought there were a lot of people, perhaps a bit too much for such a story, but over the pages, the characters are built, we learn to know them, to love them and the hate. They are all pretty well built and attractive. They have real feelings, they really act. Everyone brings something to the story and it's a very good point.
I loved the atmosphere, places, scenes of this novel. The 60s have always interested me a lot and I liked the idea of ​​integrating its plot in a post-war context. Several years have passed might be, the conflict is still very present in the minds of everyone. It was a little more really interesting for writing and character development.
Beyond that, I enjoyed the manhunt that is more or less set up to find David. I wish we axis a little about this fact because I love hunting movies to man, so I also love the books ^^. Of course, the inspector does not take part in all this, it has its own head in theory. Say it right away, it is a tricky business. There is some conflict of interest, many rancaeur but also tons of will on the part of Trave (my favorite character, either-way). I also loved the relationship "hate" that is present between Trave and Titus, a truly exciting relationship reading!
Regarding the plot, I found that the author was in us the very visual scenery, very "Agatha Christie", mixing a little hitchockien the way. Yes, yes, I felt like that. The (big) minus is the lack of suspense. Yep. The author gives us the keys to the plot too quickly. It still lacks twists and surprises! It was quickly resolving under the eyes, and honestly, it went exactly as I had thought. Too bad for this small problem, but the rest is that happiness! I really had a great time reading!

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