Your first and last solo album

Your first and last solo album

Ready to Fly (Audio CD)

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Review: Melanie Thornton, "Ready to Fly".

Who like me, followed the career of Melanie Thornton since 1995, heard in "Ready To Fly" the full potential of a singer who had to restrain himself for years, with La Bouche followed a music style, for which they did not burn. "Say you'll be mine", "A Moment of Love" and "Bolingo" could imagine their potential, but remained all through 2001 with no fixed contours. Only with love how you love me, they delighted the world with their powerful voices volume. Melanie Thornton asked many other singers in the shadows, her voice was incredibly strong, but also might sound affectionate and in love. With Ready To Fly she had fulfilled her dream.

LOVE HOW YOU LOVE ME is a song in which Thornton's own experiences are partly purely flowed. So she opened her new career, but also her first solo album. The song, as it sounds, is sung by a woman in love. Butterflies fly out of the speakers, their happiness is palpable.

WONDERFUL DREAM is now world-famous, at Christmas in everyone's ear. The music is not entirely successful, but the text and the voice Thorntons make this little weakness up for it. Here we discern the true M. Thornton, their strength, their kindness, their joy and their last tenderness.

NO TEARS is a very special song, her legacy. "No tear is crying, no sad farewells, I open my wings and I am ready to fly" is the refrain that sounds like her sudden death with goosebumps. The text is very personal, lines from her life. In it she sings, they are not aware of their own strength, followed paths that were not their own, but now she wants to give everything. Driven by a passion for life, fulfillment. She sounds like a man who draws his lessons from the past and now decided to pursue its own vision. "Through it all I have grown, no regrets.
I can say I've learned my lesson well, The struggle and pain I will not forget, it's made a mark on me "- in spite of everything she believes to be blessed, her way, her dream to live openly this line. sounds after her death bitter to.

HEARTBEAT follows No Tears. Heartbeat is somewhat reminiscent of Love how you love me, and my composition much like better. Love how you love me missing the passion of Heartbeat. Thornton sings her love out to the world, enchanted by the unmistakable sound of her voice. The song is very romantic, is only sung passionately at the end.

In MAKIN OOH OOH sounds somewhat by La Bouche, even if the voice of the singer sounds now more mature. The song is clearly assigned to category Pop, one of the more weaker songs on the album.

BACK ON MY FEET AGAIN sings again the elder Thornton. The song is strong, it has much better live than in the studio singing it. She sings of separation, this causes them to stand on their own two feet again, she shows that she does not need her partner to be happy. Go ahead, quietly shut the door behind you, I'll weep nich after and just want my peace from you - so in about the message. Pain of separation, the singer transforms into an affirmation of life.

I WISH IT WAS LOVE is a very melancholy song, one of the best pieces on the album. The song begins with the sound of the wind that blows over dry land, stocky by the sounds of an electric guitar. To hear is a very mature woman who recognizes the need for a separation, "like the rain is falling, falling from the clouds did hide the sun". Something comes to an end, a new beginning begins, it's time that everyone goes his own way. The chorus gives food for thought: ". I wish it was love I wish it was freedom; many times I thought it was fate I need to feel love, should feel a reason (my) tears continued to wash" , In I WISH IT WAS LOVE the full potential Thorntons turns into music. After we hear the song to the end, we want to know the reason for this song - he agrees very thoughtful, the singer appears as a man who has reflected his life, unwilling to playing games, wasting their time - it's all said , "No more hearts to break, Promises to Make me sorry, I've nothing more to give. Now the time is here
And I have no fear, I'm not sorry - for all I can forgive. "

INTOXICATED and Walk On By belong together MAKIN OOH OOH to the weak songs on the album. Wallk ON BY is, as everyone knows, a cover that does not quite fit to Thornton. If even a cover, then it should have been If You Go Away, to the voice she had. INTOXICATED is good text to bad music; the song wins only slightly before the end of ride.

MEMORIES is a delicate, sweet, slightly sad ballad. The sound of the rain storm and piano make this song so special, Thornton gives the song with her voice and sensibility the necessary interpretation. Her voice was really enchanting, versatile. Strong songs were her just as much as touching ballads. What a talent!

Its alright is a socially critical song that really fits well with Thornton. We hear him in her passionate love of music. How shall I know the truth, she sings, if I do not open my eyes. Lose my time to look for the culprits. Is supported the text of Melanie Thornton's spirituality.

TOO LATE sings an independent, strong woman, which can not be exploited. Although their love breaks your heart, but it draws a line, we commanded you their own self-respect, free at last to "do the things I love." Her voice is strong, strong, vital.

I APOLOGIZE is a reflective song again. She knows the man who she is, knows that they just only human, is therefore fallible, costs of joy and pain, again everyone else. "Listen to you heart, if you're lost and lonely, it will show you love". Just the thing for broken people who bother with guilt or stuck in a muddled situation.

In FOREVER comforts Melanie Thornton directed to, encouraged to continue. "I know the pain inside you
But I'm by your side. "
"The world turns quiet
Life does not end now
Just try again
I'll help you somehow
To Breathe Again
Believe again
There's a way to carry on. "
The song builds up fairly, here displays the caring, compassionate side of Melanie Thornton. Your voice sounds great here.

I highly recommend this album, it's a wonderful, very personal work. Rounding out the project with a colored booklet with beautiful pictures of Thornton, the lyrics and a few personal words of the singer. Melanie Thornton today would certainly belong to the greats, she would not have lost their lives on the night of 24 November 2001 to such a tragic way. A true singer with a big voice. READY TO FLY is her legacy.

Super quality! 19 Rank: 5/5
March 24
why not have taken before Rank: 4/5
January 6
All already dead Rank: 1/5
September 29
Very compact twin Rank: 4/5
October 9
fun 50 1 Rank: 4/5
December 27
An initiatory book Rank: 4/5
June 27

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