2 Thermo-spot pan from Tefal

2 Thermo-spot pan from Tefal

Tefal C40004 Meteor Ceramic pan 24 cm (household goods)

Customer Review

Our first Thermo-spot pan is the Tefal D42106. This does now for about 2 years in service in our kitchen. Therefore, we were looking forward to this pan.

The workmanship is as expected by the company Tefal very good. The grip sits firmly in the pan and is secured by a screw. So you can follow in an emergency again. The pan is level and without wobble on the stove. Weighing in at 820g it is nice to be able to easily work with it easily.

The heat distribution is very good and so far reach the scrambled eggs, brown butter for asparagus and potatoes very good. The Thermo-Spot turns completely red at 180 ° C and thus gives an indication that the pan is hot enough.

The cleaning is very easy by hand.

A pan which convinced of the processing and handling.

Price-line ---> Perfect Rank: 5/5
June 29
Even better than the model B Rank: 5/5
November 1
Memory Extension Rank: 4/5
December 20
Not really top! 1 Rank: 3/5
September 9
Compatible Linux 1 Rank: 3/5
January 2

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