3.5 Stars: sound, technology and workmanship good, but problems with an earring above the ear

3.5 Stars: sound, technology and workmanship good, but problems with an earring above the ear

Sennheiser Wireless headphones Urbanite XL black (Electronics)

Customer Review

First impression and processing
The build quality is reflected in the price very good. All seams are clean, nowhere is anything from or looks cheap. At first glance, the headset looks really classy.

Not so, however noble the supplied pouch protects against dirt of the headphones while already, but apart from anything. Here I would have liked a more stable storage, the optically better fits the headphones.

After unpacking I have charged the same headset with the USB cable from the PC, it went smoothly. The enclosed instructions explain figuratively all important, it is clear and easy to understand.

The weight of the headphones on your head is not unpleasant, but you could tell that there is something.

Visually I like the Sennheiser very good, the materials and colors used look classy, ​​alone by the size falls on the headset but. On top of the connector between the two ears no slippery material was chosen, though this attracts cat hair magically, but I like very good nonetheless. For it is not dirty quickly, also seen on him no fingerprints.
The underside of the web is coated with a smooth, bright material. Again, this is matt and thus resistant to fingerprints, but the very bright color I do not feel as ideal. Because no matter whether. By touching with fingers or contact with the hair and eventual products in hair, sometime one will see the first spots and the material will have a slightly grubby, this would be a dark substance in my eyes in the long run have been more practical

The operation is quite simple, in the user manual is well explained how to use the touch element on the headphones. I was skeptical, but it works perfectly so far. Whether you want to adjust the volume or something else, so far everything is working as described and advertised.

The touch element, however, is mounted so that there is easy access unplanned against. I move as the headphones cope, I often accidentally hit. Therefore, my opinion about the element has become ambivalent.

The term as indicated at about 25h, so I'm satisfied.

Bluetooth connection
The Bluetooth connection with various devices can be manufactured easily and is stable, but only if I'm like the instrument in the same room. In the same room, I can well 5m move away from the PC, for example, until it comes to connectivity problems. Is a wall between the device and headset, it comes quickly to problems.

At the sound I can only associate myself with the positive reviews. Whether music or audiobooks, the sound is clear, the bass is tired but my ears are not too dominant, overall you have a fresh, pleasant sound experience.

The headphones shields a slightly against environmental noise. Speak eg a person with me sitting next to me well 2m, I can voice still hear, but do not remember exactly what she says. In road traffic, but so far I could still hear all signals.

Noise and cracking
A slight noise and cracking, as noted by another reviewer, I could occasionally hear, about five times in one month, this was the headphones almost every day in use, so far as an exception and therefore not really disturbing. But I will keep this in mind

Around the ear?
My ears, normal size, I would appreciate are not completely enclosed by the headphones, especially in the upper half of the ears, the cushion is at some points on the ear, and therefore does not surround this.

Comfort with earrings (the top of the ear)
Plotting how I top of the ear a small earring, can cause pain, because a portion of the pad presses directly on this point. When wearing I realize after about 20-30min then suddenly realize that there is something unpleasant that something suppressed. And then it begins to slightly hurting, you can live with the feeling that in the long run, it is obviously not ideal. And then when I actually want to hear anything for a few hours time, then I am constantly pushing to displace the headset so that it is no longer suppressed. As I said, this is not ideal for me. I let the headphones of course also carry sample from someone who in the ear transmits up no earring, here were no pain.

With my eyeglass temples in conjunction with the headset I have, however so far no problems, here fortunately expresses nothing.

Based on my personal experience with the headphones from Sennheiser, my expectations for this premium product and my own preferences results in a rating of 3.5 stars. I have long wondered whether I should round up or down, but for now have I decided to round to three stars. If the headphones in the coming months to convince sonically and otherwise a good performance, it could also lead to the subsequent rounding.

Not suitable for hot regions Rank: 2/5
February 16
Marvel in pocket format Rank: 5/5
March 1
the price falls Rank: 1/5
May 10
Satisfied 1280 Rank: 4/5
April 10
Original shell 1 Rank: 5/5
November 16

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