4.75 star but Amazon lets me use only integers

4.75 star but Amazon lets me use only integers

Nero 2015 Platinum (Frustration Free Packaging) (CD-ROM)

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I have posted this review on Amazon.com in the original. Thought that he the Nero fan base in Germany also interested and so I asked a friend to help me with the translation.
The original can be found here: [...]
Hi folks at Amazon! Once again, time for my annual review of the release of the new Nero product. I was invited in this release as a beta tester. So my review is based on extensive experience with the product.
Nero I received only a current serial number, other compensation or benefits with respect to my review, there was not and I do not work for Nero. I would like to say briefly that I personally Tablets make little use and the word mobile device is a bit bulky. So when I'm talking about Smartphone, then you can the word through your iOS or Android-occupied replace equipment. So, finally you go go, for it is long.
My conclusion first: The time outstanding new features include 4K video editing and mobile apps. Here AirBurn especially and 2014. Even if you use a few nice improvements in the other modules, but without drastic changes compared to competitors Nero software, there's plenty of that you will like.

1. Installation.
The system requirements are relatively high, but depending on your applications can be a little leeway. You can make do with less if they mainly use Burning ROM. But should you have enough RAM and MediaHome be your usual application or if you use Recode often and only a low-end AMD processor have installed in the system, then you can feel the lack of power.

One of the biggest complaints last year was the product contained in the AVG Toolbar. It's over. Now have purchase versions on disc or for download additional toolbars more. If you download the trial version of Nero, there is a built-in Google Chrome installer. As a running gag between me and the developers
it turned out the behavior of the different installation modules, which have a tendency, the installation now and then to run while in the foreground. So it's not advisable to use other applications while the installation is running. This is not quite as fast as CyberLink but faster than Sony and Adobe, so ok for me.

2. Mobile Apps.
a.) Airburn.
I can only speak about the Android apps, since I have no iOS device, with which I could test. A really great thing is AirBurn; an app that allows you to burn CDs and DVDs on your smartphone. What happens is that you start Nero Burning ROM and choose a AirBurn project. Burning ROM simply just waiting for your app on the smartphone. Except in cases of overzealous software firewalls or professional Cisco / Ubiquiti access points, keep the LAN peers from communicating with each other, and Airburn Burning ROM understand well and let you do your work. Airburn lets your files and folders you want to burn compile, and show you below how much space you have on the disc have. And when you're done, press the magic Burn Now button. At this point Airburn sends your data to your computer, and if that happened, Burning ROM is filled with all the data they had previously selected. If you like I do not trust the cloud to keep your information in a safe place, then Airburn is exactly what the doctor would prescribe. It only works over WiFi (not USB) and 4.7 GB take a while for the transfer.

If you have a new well-configured dual-band router and a mobile device that sees itself, it takes about three minutes before the burning starts. If you have an own or bad of the old 802.11g routers WiFi, it can take 20 minutes or more, until the data is transferred from your phone to the PC. Nevertheless, if the Burn Now command has been given once, it is a fully automatic process that runs in the background if necessary.
With Airburn it is also possible to create a project on the go and then to press only the Burn Now button when you come into your home WiFi network. The ability to archive the data of your smartphone in this way is great; if Dropbox storage is too expensive for your collected data or you need a more permanent storage for your data then AirBurn is just great, in what it does. If you use it in conjunction with the excellent "MyBackup Pro" from Rerware for $ 5, is an ideal way to store the data of your mobile phone safely. It may look like a know for which of those who believe, but that Google has all its data securely locked somewhere for people like me, who believe that the only sure data on saving, I control and I can copy , it is a unique opportunity to solve the problem. This option offers no one else.

b.) MediaHome receiver.
This app is pretty much a "1.0" version, for I see a lot of potential in future versions. It works similar to my favorite children of Plex and Chromecast. On your PC, select a video track (or any other music / photo / playlist content in MediaHome) to play it on your smartphone or tablet. If this app is launched, a play-to option for the playback options in the PC is added. The video will then start on your smartphone or tablet and play Nero automatically takes over scaling and transcoding in real time.
If it works, it does what it should. The quality is very good and, at least on my laptop the CPU load is ok and loads the computer excessively.
What should I complain a little, is the implementation. I can choose directly on my smartphone, what I want to see, without having to touch my computer with Plex. With Nero, the user must at least initially sit on the PC to select the content that he wants to see on the smartphone. I personally found this to be a false promise: if the PC is anyway available to select the media for playback on your mobile device, the stuff can also play on the same PC. I found that the app a little worse than Airburn so rightly came, my PC to find a server. There is now a 'Force' option, so that it is possible, the IP address running on the PC, on the MediaHome to determine; the availability of this option is a good last resort, which was not present in the initial beta releases. There is also a notable omission that MediaHome not independent of the desktop software plays the stored content on your smartphone, which is available somewhere on the network.

c.) Manual Apps.
Nero has released the manuals for all the modules in app form, which allows users to read the contents of the various manuals and to search the contents of the various manuals. The content is basically the same as the desktop tools and is generally stored on the device, so that it may be a good alternative to selling magazines when you're sitting on the plane. The apps are pretty good scaled for smaller screens, they respond quickly and will not run in the background when you do not need. As with the other two apps that access rights are restricted to a reasonable level, none of the apps ask for contacts, GPS or SMS data, so a plus for that.

3.) MediaHome.
As always, depends the use of MediaHome as utility depends on how you manage your data. If you're like me believe that files and folders, as God has determined are the best way to organize everything, MediaHome will be of limited use, including some frustrations. If the iTunes style by the method we love have a database hidden somewhere and you need to worry about anything, you will love MediaHome. It's still a great job when it comes to scale videos for your smartphone and transcoding, it performs face detection and perform the DVD playback on your PC. Another new feature is now the processing of geo-data (geo-tagging). This is actually quite useful as it allows you to add location data to your photos and videos after they have been received, without having to always wear the GPS function in the cell phone. Also worth mentioning is that, MediaHome is regardless of whether you own the suite available as a free product. However, DVD playback and a few other useful features in the free version is not available. It has now been adopted by the Home Media-Apps. Media Home will also allow you Photo Albums (Photo Books) to create and to send itself. MediaHome is as the larger twin of the Media Browser, which can look out his head elsewhere in the suite to access as fast tool to your media database. MediaHome loses a few points that it requires a lot of manual data entry in to tag photos. Face Detection, Geo-tagging and timestamp in the data help in many cases, but good luck when categorizing Beach photos in any automated context. It also lacks the renaming in batch mode, as well as the most advanced photo editing tools. Crop / rotate / remove red eye are present along with some exposure / color correction and pseudo Instagram filters, all with Preview. The main task of Nero MediaHome is to manage and so it does not have the power of Photoshop. Even Pixlr Express is more robust in its editing capabilities and whether good or not, there is no histogram view. All in all, has become the heart of the Nero Suite MediaHome. If you categorize good video editing, burning discs and syncing mobile devices are really good together. If you are personally still married to the file system, everything works well, but you will - just like me - for strange hold =).

4.) video.
4K video editing debut in this release, although I am absolutely satisfied with my Full HD workflow and little available disk space =). "Express Editing" and "Advanced Editing" are much better defined but note that you can not go back once in Advanced for Express mode. My experience is that it was easiest to start in the Express mode, to get everything in the right order and to set in / out points, and then go to the Advanced mode, where superimpositions and accurate make fitting. The Fit Music functions work well, as well as Picture in Picture. Scene detection is still tricky with my test clip and defaults would have it, in fact timelines cuts there, where there was recording sections in the camera and the camera cuts in the same scene (for example, two people talking to a section in between) received proper timelines cuts while drastic image change ( eg inside / outside /, day / night, etc.) were not cut. RhythmSnap, a highlight of last year with inconsistent results seems to have been simply accepted without change this year. My test cases brought here results with only marginal differences. The audio options are still a little bloodless; Options for bass / treble, a little hall, old radio and noise reduction are about what is available. If you are familiar with the complex audio editing in Sony Vegas, you will be disappointed here. On the other hand, the current video effects have improved. I like the new layout of the Effect Palette (perhaps because it is Adobe Premiere similar than earlier versions), the existing options for permanent position / scaling / rotation / opacity and quick keyframing options. The list of transitions is quite extensive. Many of them are PowerPoint-like variants but I must say that there is quite a large proportion of gradient iris that look good and can keep plugins from Pixelan with some of the commercially acquired from me third. The text effects have this year a wider range but still need some time to get it just added to get as intended. For example, you can adjust the orientation and number of rotations in the vertical rotating characters, but not the duration, in which the characters actually rotate. On the other hand, users of versions that date back a few years, find that many video effects can be applied to text clips, because the text is treated in many ways just like a video clip. The DVD templates have been improved. I like it more than the last year. The automatic creation of chapter points is super-convenient by being able to put them right in the Timeline as a marker and exporting is fast as ever.

5.) Recode.
Recode has since its launch with Nero 6 much more dramatic UI changes undergone over time than any other part of the suite. Obviously, the correct point was the 2014 version made and so it was decided here not to change anything and that's a good thing. It's still pretty much the fastest encoder I've ever used. It transcodes a 94- minute feature film in about 23 minutes (3.2GHz Core i7 Bloomfield series), although my GPU stupidly did not appear to be compatible and the whole thing happened in software. However, I must say that in my comparison tests with the open-source encoder HandBrake, the latter 'fast' speed at the same encoding job and the setting (middle of the road, single pass) was a little faster. With smaller file sizes in the target format HandBrake does a better job in difficult to be compressed surfaces such as water or pursuit race, where the compression is usually pronounced. Recode fights back with vengeance at lower screen resolutions; its greater range of device templates covers all flagship products of the last two years. Encoding with Recode for my grade 3 looked after compression and scaling out almost perfect and the Grade 3 select, was just a click on the template. However, I had to make the settings in HandBrake by hand because there were no templates here. Recode is still a solid competitor in its niche and its engine also operates the still magnificent Drag-to-Device Features in MediaHome. If you have the time to adjust the settings in Handbrake, it is possible to achieve better results. However, the fact that it for my grade 3 took just 30 seconds with the Recode Import to start the Enkodierens clearly shows the focus of efforts in Nero and in this regard, it is still faster than all alternatives.

6.) RescueAgent.
It's always difficult to test a little, because you need a file that has been deleted or otherwise unreadable. Basically, I had to test burn a CD, then have plenty to scratch, so that my DVD burner would have been mad at me, and then it can try with RescueAgent. So much time, however, I did not. What's New at this time RescueAgent is the fact that it restores deleted data on disks as in optical discs. That's pretty easy, as long as you remember that it does. As with any data cons manufacturing application: the sooner you take the attempt of recovery in attack, the more grows the chance that you are successful. My attempt to restore a deleted file recently been successful, so it worked well under certain circumstances. Still, it's not a magic program; for example if you have a hard drive, clicky clicky with the proclaimed "-Geräuschen impending disaster, they pay a few hundred dollars to get the data back and Nero can not help there. It also makes no scans at a low, but forensic level software it is very expensive and requires a solid level of technical knowledge. Both does not apply to the Nero application. Nevertheless, as someone who, like most of you here and there accidentally deleted data, it is a bye to from prison come out.

7.) Other modules.
The Blu-Ray player (because I can test it now) works well. It is a player with no frills but that's good for me that way. The picture quality is great, he responds quickly and the navigation bar will disappear from the screen when viewing the film. No complaints here except the already expressed that it is necessary to play DVDs in heavy weightier and more complicated MediaHome.
Disc to Device is the easiest way how to rip DVDs to your smartphone. While you may thank the DMCA that it rips any copy-protected DVDs, it is super-happy with my DRM-free Full Metal Panic discs. It recognized my a mounted ISO until you restart the program, and it gave me a 45-minute ETA to bring all my four episodes on my smartphone and two clicks. That's unbeatable.
The launcher has a new higher quality surface than last year and although Nero 6 and 8 had the favorite of mine launcher, this version is pretty and offers simple operation. The launcher also has download links for the content packs, Wave Editor and Cover Designer.

In conclusion, I note that Nero continues to move in the field of mobile devices. Looking at Nero's roots in the optical media, so the integration of mobile applications into a software suite of this kind must have brought into conference rooms with up far more meetings than I ever want to experience in my life. No one else has something like Airburn and although I am a little critical in workflow MediaHome receiver at the moment, I am impressed by both the stability and the low access rights-claims of this app in version 1.0. Nero still manages the smallest system requirements of any 4K-capable video editing software in the consumer to have / prosumer market, still has with the best support optical media in the market, the most user-friendly encoder with which I've ever worked with, the software is with me never crashed and reacts generally very fast (even in early beta releases) and all at a price that no one else on the approach comes.
I hold my fifth star still back because RhythmSnap, the audio effects in video and because of the peculiarities of MediaHome, which do not quite fit into my favorite methods of media management but the folks at Nero in Germany are closer to this fifth star than ever. What can I say, I'm just a severe critic.

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