A beautiful heart for me !!!

A beautiful heart for me !!!

The Game Assassin (Paperback)

Customer Review

Vitala Salonius belongs to the circle of lObsidienne a Riorcans resistant community that trains assassins and spies in order to put an end to the tyranny of empire Kjallannes Lucien Florian Nigellus, the young emperor known for his cruelty. Vitala is a trained assassin from a young age to seduce the young emperor Lucien and kill him. To do this, she was invited to the palace of Kjall because Vitala excels at caturanga, a strategy game that fascinates emperor. And she hopes to use her abilities to caturanga to approach him kill and cause the end of the dictatorship Kjallanne. But Lucien is far from the tyrant that everyone speaks, and if he is quickly seduced by the beauty and lively spirit of the young woman, Vitala, she, finds himself engaged to terrible suspicions about the legitimacy of his mission because Lucien is everything except a tyrant

Jai liked follow these two characters are really well built, each with a dark side, a difficult past, secrets and still benevolence that they'll even discover them on their own account. Nhésitant not controvert this fact to the established order and rules. Rumors are two cold ones and without heart, see the opposite in the pages my much. Their physical attraction is also very enjoyable to follow.

They are both young enough, 22 years and 20 years for Lucien Vitala, despite that they both gained a good dose of maturity, adopting wisdom, discernment and prudence when needed. Lucien is the type of charismatic and strong character, while contrasting power sometimes quite dramatically with his physical disability (missing a leg). Jai liked this weakness in my eyes Nont that make it even stronger. Vitala has experienced difficult things and flashbacks which we have right time to time (including the prologue) tell us how much was hard and perverse dassassin his training. (She even has the chance sen out as well with such experiences !!)

The romance has a real place in this history, it is even the core of the plot, i loved it !! There is also magic, even if this is not the most important and creates the universe by lauteure is really exciting. The chapters are short enough to give a good pace in history and we alternate between the views Vitala and Lucius.

In short: This is a fantasy novel that I like, fantasy / romance with everything you need strategy, magic, betrayals and conspiracies, it moves, it pulsates, the characters are beautiful and truly addictive style! A beautiful heart for me
A suite "of lespion Lhonneur" is scheduled for August 20, 2014 !!!!!

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