A book that changed my meals: Read before any other!

A book that changed my meals: Read before any other!

Lose weight without dieting (Paperback)

Customer Review

I have a little overweight since I began to complicate my life with diets.

I quickly realized that the principle of this book was right: relearn what diets whack us, how to listen to our body's signals that tell us when to eat and how much.

Relearning the simplicity and efficiency thin that discourage us to eat without getting fat chocolate every day!

The base is an assumption that the body is a machine with a fineness and an amazing self-regulating capacity. It is he that we must listen to our caloric needs are met without excess, day after day!

These chronicles are thin intuitively: they stop when full.

This book teaches us simple exercises to get there like them: by learning to eat slowly, without following any other principle, and being sensitive to hunger or not. As everything becomes simple and enjoyable! Before I forced myself to eat when I was not hungry by nutritional principle (in the morning ... etc), and I forced myself not to eat when I was not hungry (often night).

It is the opposite now, and it works! What reconciliation with oneself! It's great and serious! I feel much better and less swollen belly.

All those who have read this book and leave their appreciation! You will read a book here that will count in your life.

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September 4
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August 3
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January 26
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October 12

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