A fairy tale with a lot of atmosphere

A fairy tale with a lot of atmosphere

A fantastic story [VHS] (VHS Tape)

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The formerly known under the title "A fantastic story" "fairytale hike" is a delightful film manufactured in Russia, who knows how to achieve big impact with a small budget.
For modern conditions, this production may be very simple one, but this is precisely what gives this fairy-tale charm. Much of the film convinced with this certain earthy ambience, which is characteristic of many Russian and Czech productions. Genuine fantasy feeling to come, as Marta and Orlando have to climb the back of a huge kite to get into the country to get beyond location. The passages, which play in a stricken by the plague Kingdom, are very atmospheric and pleasant bleak. Whimsical ideas as the two simple brothers who are trying with a pump dry out a huge swamp, do the rest, to give a true fantasy character to the story.
Unfortunately, the end turns out a little fade and cool. Particularly unpleasant makes use of the popular music felt that was used for the soundtrack of great joy celebration - they do not want to match the medieval images.
For some reason, the entire sound has been revised by the old title. Was sorely missed in the new processing the smoky-friendly synchronous voice Frank Believe law, the doctor Orlando said in the first version. Furthermore, the constant, whining Call Young May after his "little sister!" or "Martha, Martha!" in the long run simply annoying and would in synchronization maybe something can be reduced.
The film is probably less for younger children, because the images of the city pestgebeutelten act very dark and depressing. Also in general, the film strikes a rather sadder note, it being noted that this also has quite an attraction - it is just not brightly colored, soft flushed Entertainment of America.
However, despite the mentioned downer a film that stands out for its beautiful setting, the medieval character and lovable main characters Orlando and Marta.

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