A festival of joy for role players of the old school.

A festival of joy for role players of the old school.

Pillars of Eternity (computer game)

Customer Review

Already with Divinity: Original Sin was delivered a great old-school RPG ago not too long that has preoccupied me dozens of hours and could inspire with a great mix of old virtues and modern ideas.

With Pillars of Eternity another great RPG has now been published, added to the old hands in rapture and the younger generation that has not grown up with titles like Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale, makes a good starting point in this kind of game.

First of all:

It is here at last to an RPG in its purest form. Unfortunately, the term is used very inflationary RPG today. Once a game now includes experience points and a skill-tree is him mostly already the genre RPG assigned. So if you rather looking for action, which is not happy with this game


The game comes as usual in the genre with an ISO perspective therefore. The scenes are very detailed and designed the image sharp. Beautiful colors and great lighting effects round out the picture, creating a very dense and authentic-looking Atmossphäre. The members of his own party are easy to distinguish by special optical characteristics, such as color of garments or stature.


The background music is very well done and is not langwelig on time. A complete voice output does not exist but. However, many of the important Characktere speak all the text passages, which contributes clearly to Atmossphäre / Story. I can not say anything because I'm playing the game in Orignial About the Detusche translation. As usual in the genre, the dialogue remains very text heavy. Who has not generally Gedulf for something, which is thus rather discouraged.


Pillars of Eternity takes place on the whole as the spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate. However, some modern ideas were integrated into the game, making the action on the one hand is more clearly and is on the other something more accessible for beginners. Great new features include a group inventory or significantly clearer list of available spells. Despite the ease of access to the game Pillars of Eternity was flushed but too soft under any circumstances. The difficulty of fighting is quite pretty crisp and still requires quasi continuous tactical approach and good planning.

Toll is also that there are correspondingly high attributes through selectable talents / a very large amount of optional dialogue options that also appreciably affect the events. Freedom of action is very important here.


Pillars of Eternity has everything I would expect from a modern Baldur's Gate. The graphics are pretty, the opportunities numerous, the combat system demanding and crisp. Great characters, there is also the act and, as far as I have you played so far, what I think is exciting. Unique buy recommendation for anyone who wants to play again like a real RPG. It's great to see that those games are made again.

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