A funny kneading and guessing game for the whole family

A funny kneading and guessing game for the whole family

Kosmos 690 892 - Knätsel - What could that be? (Toys)

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Goal of the game
"It is a tool?" - "Can you put it on?" - "It is made of wood?" These and other questions have to make to get to what the other players have built out their clay. Who "beautiful" to build, it makes the other players to easily and has presented its own points. Who to difficult but also builds. It is important to find the golden mean, so that the players get to the Built, but not too early. Who knows a solution raises its rate stone in the rate funnel and the answer was correct, he may move his character forward. If the answer was wrong, however, it's back. Who first crosses the goal line or in the end has the most points is the true Knätselmeister.

Before the first game of the rate hopper has to be plugged together. This fits in the assembled state in the box.
The board is placed in the middle of the table and on the rate funnel comes.
Each player takes a Knetunterlage and places them with the question page in front of him on the table.
Then each player in its color the clay, a rate stone, two stones Note (with three players three discs) and his character.
The character comes on to the field points to the large, white arrow on it. Now everyone gets two (in game three of three) solution list and a pen.
Now the game begins with the players knead her characters.

Figure kneading
Each player has now two (three players in three) figures knead. On the back of the player Knetunterlage find terms that you can use.
On each Knetunterlage other terms are printed. Once you've kneaded something one puts it in the middle of one of the circular shape on the sidelines.
In addition, it places one of his discs Note on the icon with the disk and writes a list of the solution, what has been kneaded.
This list is then inserted under the Schedule and such that the side with the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 can be seen and the solution is level at the back of the note.
Once in the same way each player two (or three) figures has kneaded, the real game can begin.

Tips for kneading
When one kneads a term, so you have to make sure this is not too realistic nor too imprecise to knead.
Even the owner of the character gets possibly points when a player guesses the object.

If a player has an object guessed correctly, he gets as many points as green arrows are displayed on the character of its field.
These points he moves forward. The owner of the puzzle gets points if the Note pane is the time of guessing on a field next to a score is displayed. These range from 0 points (when a character was too fast or do not guess) up to three points (when the figure was guessed by the second letter Tip).

A player makes the first player and seeks a Knetfigur another player out.
In this figure, it pulls the stone Note further a field and now leads, depending on the symbol, one of two questions.

a) The ?? - Symbol
If the notice stone on such a field, the player may put two questions to the owner of the figure.
These issues need to be "not be clearly answered" Yes, No, Maybe, or to answer.
Questions about the solution word "Are you the Eiffel tower?" or for certain letters "If the object has a second E" are prohibited.

b) The ABC icon
If the notice stone on such a field, so you must ask for one of the first five letters of the word solution.
This letter is called the owner then only loud and then write it in the appropriate place on the answer sheet.

c) The ?? / ABC Icon
The last field in the message bar has both symbols and therefore the player can choose whether he wants to again ask two questions, or would rather have another letter.

Then the next player's turn.

The rate stones
The rate stones the player must always be on the Knetunterlage the player. It is not allowed to keep the rate of stone as a precaution in his hand.
Only when a player wants to solve, he may take the rate stone and throw it into the hopper. So all players have an equal chance.

Solving a Knätsel
Each player may at any time make a solution during the game.
He does not have to be your turn, or wait for a question and answer session of another player. If you want to solve, you can do so at any time.
These he calls out "solution" and throws his stone in the rate funnel.
Call several players "solution", then counts the order of rate stones in rate funnel.
The player whose stone rate is at the end of the slide of the funnel rate, must now call his solution.
This must exactly match the solution to the list, even if the solution would have been basically correct.
If a player, for example, kneading a car and MINI written on the solution list, so the solution must be "MINI" and not "AUTO".

a) The solution was wrong
Then the player who called the wrong solution as many boxes with his character has to, as red arrows are printed on the box, on which he stands.
Has another player announces a solution attempt, he must also run this now.
Had he had the same wrong answer as the players in front of him, so he has to come up with a new solution nevertheless. Beware not the point.

When a player with his character, the negative end of the scoring track, he may make an attempt at a solution only in its own turn.

b) The solution is correct
Then the owner of the puzzle showing all players the note, which is below the Knätsel.
The player who has called the right solution may move his token a number of spaces forward, are printed as green arrows in his field.
Even the owner of Knätsels may advance his character, if the Note Stein lies on a field with score.

The active player privilege
If a player has the hint stone from the starting point to the first ?? - drawn icon represents his questions and would then dissolve, then he may also call first a solution, even if other players have also been thrown their rate stone in the rate funnel.

Full time
The game can end in two ways:
a) A player comes on to the target field and won immediately.

b) A player's turn, but can claim no more evidence because all the puzzles of the players are already solved.
Then the player who is closest to the front wins.

Small Conclusion
With Knätsel Klaus Teuber has launched new and modern his own game "Barbarossa and the Riddler" from 1988. The basic mechanics of kneading was maintained, but refined by a number of innovations. Whether you know the old game or not, this "remake" is definitely a great game for the whole family. It's super funny what the other players so knead and makes it easy to guess fun, especially when the "object" looks like a chunk of dough :) The game material as the rate funnels are beautifully designed and the dough very high. You do not stink and does not stick to your fingers. She is very soft and comfortable to knead. If after a few rounds the solution list are scarce, so the cosmos has provided a PDF with this solution leaflets for downloading and printing. A truly great game for all puzzle, um, Knätselfreunde out there.

What you need ... Rank: 5/5
March 26
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April 24
Very figure-hugging Rank: 4/5
April 7
Following highly !!!! 19 Rank: 5/5
February 28
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April 5

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