A good wheel for bargain hunters

A good wheel for bargain hunters

Speedlink Dark Fire Steering Wheel for Playstation 3 / PS3 and PC (vibration function, 12 digital keys, shift paddles, steering range of 220 degrees) (Accessories)

Customer Review

Those looking thoughtful quality and want to save here is the right place when DarkFire Racing Wheel. I play increasingly simulations (ETS2) but also racing games like NFS where the steering wheel does a good job. When it comes to the exact ETS2 possible steering sensitivity at the trucks safely maneuver through narrow passages or the resetting of the trailer. Although ETS2 offers enough to many configuration options, this can leave the Dark Fire to default.

The build quality is solid. Pedal does not creak - and if after some time yet, enough little sewing machine oil.
The only weak point is the connection between the steering wheel and pedals, which is equipped with a RJ11 plug. Have RJ11 connectors, depending on processing the disadvantage that the stick in the socket quasi. So it may happen that the connection is not working properly. That was my reason why I had to replace it with a new steering wheel for 1 1/2 years - and the same! For the price it is worth it ...

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