A great trick game for the whole family

A great trick game for the whole family

Zoch 601105047 - Potato Man, Card Game (Toy)

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Goal of the game
At first glance Potato Man is just another trick taking game. But here everything's a bit different. Instead of simply making only stitches, you should always try to stab with those colors that give them the greatest reward in the form of potato sacks. Unfortunately, there are no high cards in this color and the way it is difficult to make one stitch to make, right? Who is clever plays his cards be the winner.

The deck of cards is mixed well and depending on the number of players cards are now distributed.
With two players each player gets 12 cards potato that he takes on the hand and again 8 cards face down, which he stores a draw pile in front of him.
With three or four players, each player gets just 12 cards into your hand, with one in three players also could choose a variant in which we sorted out a complete card suit, so that only three colors in the game. With five players each receives 10 cards in the hand. The remaining cards from the game, they are no longer needed until the next round. Now the cards are still designed bag on the table. The best open side by side, so that each player can see how many tickets each bag color are still in the game. Then it starts.

The Cards
The congregation of this game is that not high cards are available from any card color equal.
So there is of the red card out of 5 - 18 16 Of these - 18 the Evil Potato cards.
In blue it goes 4-16 in Green 3-14 and Yellow only the 1 - 13, with 1-3 the Potato Man tickets are.

The youngest player plays from any card of any color. The other players must then issue a card in a different color clockwise and try going to surpass the up cards by value. There are four cards in four colors, as is seen, who did the trick. The engraving makes the card with the highest number, no matter the color. If two cards with the same number played, thus gaining the number that was last played.

With two players:
Each player puts alternately always a card, are to four cards. Then the winner of the stitch is determined.
After each laid out map of the player draws a card from his deck after. If this is empty, then we simply no longer traced.

With five players:
Here is a color must be played twice. However, it must still be present all four colors down.

Stich reward
Depending on which color takes the trick, the player takes a card bag in the suit to be.
The bag cards vary much value. So the red bag card is only worth a sack, as there is in the red card the höchten numbers.
Yellow, however, is worth four sacks, as there are only small cards with yellow. Is there a color no more blind cards, then the player may take a card from the golden sack cards. These are worth even five sacks.

Potato Man and Evil Potato
The only special rule in this game concerns the Potato Man and the Evil Potato map.
Located in a stitch both Evil Potato card and a Potato Man card, so the trick wins Potato Man, although he has a much smaller number.
The other cards in this engraving are in this case does not matter.
This stitch is very valuable because it is Man always acts in Potato to a yellow card and is worth 4 sacks thus.

Broadcast - A player can not admit
Once a player has a color can no longer admit the round ends and it is evaluated.
So are, for. Example, one red, one yellow and one green card and the players already on the train has no more blue card, which he would have to admit now, the round ends.
The players count the bags together on their bag cards and write down the points on a sheet of paper.
Then again, all the cards are mixed together and distributed for the next round.
It played a total of as many rounds as players participate. With two players so two rounds, with three players three, etc.

Full time
When all rounds played, present the results of all rounds are added up and the player with the most points wins.

Small Conclusion
A nice trick game for the whole family.

There are on this title on my YouTube channel "Mike's Gaming Net" a detailed explanation of the game as a video.

Good Stuff. 298 Rank: 4/5
December 9
we can do without 2 Rank: 2/5
May 25
Very nice. 77 5 Rank: 4/5
January 12

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