A magical tale with old friends

A magical tale with old friends

The Woodcutter (Paperback)

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For centuries, the woodcutter is watching over the forest and kept the peace between the magical and non-magical kingdoms and creatures. When he a dead girl with a glass slipper will one day in the woods, he senses that evil forces want to destroy peace. Fairies, who are deprived of their Feenstaubes, a walking castle and a renegade hellhound as it depends only together? Gradually, the woodcutter a large-scale conspiracy is on the ropes, where he has to use all his strength and knowledge in order to restore the old order

Kate Danley wrote with The Woodcutter a fascinating and wonderfully complex book, where the Grimm fairy tales and other legends are retold and we get to know our well-known heroes and heroines of a whole new viewing angle. Mich was enchanted by the idea of ​​the first page.

The Woodcutter watches, as well as his father and his father before him, through the woods, on the borders the 12 magical kingdoms. And although he has his ax always there, but he has never been like an unwilling tree. As guardian of the forest, he watches over the magical creatures, and even over the human walkers who lost to him. But one day he encounters something he has never seen before: a dead girl with a glass slipper lying on the forest road, externally completely unharmed, and yet dead than him then even the rumor heard it that fairies her. deprived Feenstaubs, have touched the ground, he makes a perilous journey through the kingdoms and the woods to find the source of evil that overshadowed the forest.

The woodcutter who is a magical creature itself, in whose veins sap flows, the author has created a truly memorable book character. Modest, respectful and full of love for his wife, even if it is usually and no fairy princess, so we learn to know lumberjack - a real fairy-tale hero! On his journey through the forest and the enchanted 12 kingdoms of Lumberjacks encounters familiar fairy tales and legends figures like Rumpelstiltskin, Snow White, Jack and his beanstalk or even the witch Baba Yaga. Kate Danley unites them all in a fascinating way in a whole new tale, which was both an exciting adventure, but at the same time like a reunion with old friends.

It had the story even something of a crime, because the woodcutter takes the time growing evidence and traces that point to the conspirators. Especially at the beginning seemed to me this much more confusing, but patience will be rewarded in this case. Gradually, it all makes sense and it unfolds a great, unusual, magical story, which makes it fun, rauszuholen the old storybooks again.

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