a mixture of sweetness and bitterness that leaves traces

a mixture of sweetness and bitterness that leaves traces

The Solitude of Prime Numbers (Paperback)

Customer Review

"The Solitude of Prime Numbers" is a rather unusual book, which touches, which sometimes hurts, striking by the accuracy of certain feelings. The title alone is beautifully located and perfectly matches the universe is born from the pen of Paolo Giordano. Writing is a priori simple and unadorned, yet I am surprised me more than once to admire the formulation.

At first, I was somewhat tempted by a work whose author was preparing a doctorate in theoretical physics ... And yet, I was immediately seduced by this book, and his eyes on his two characters, especially Alice Young made handicapped by a skiing accident anorexic, and Mattia, gifted mathematics traumatized by his responsibility in the disappearance of his mentally handicapped twin sister. The lives of the two anti-heroes will not stop cross from adolescence, in a complex and ambiguous relationship that is sometimes difficult to understand.

This romantic starting point could rush into a terrible marshmallow rose water, but no, and this is in my opinion this explains the success of this book Giordano manages to deal with serious subjects even tragic -l ' adolescence and cruelties, anorexia, and especially loneliness and the inability to open up to the "normal" world - without falling into pathos, through relatively short chapters and very eloquent life scenes.

It's beautiful, harsh and bitter, a book that is certainly worth stopping to plunge into it a few hours in a few simple reality to deal with.

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