A perfectly produced album!

A perfectly produced album!

Real Love (Ltd.Deluxe Edt.) (Audio CD)

Customer Review

Sarah Connor is one of Germany's most successful singers with more than 15 million records sold. With their eighth studio album "Real Love" she proves that she is no longer a teen but a mature young woman, whose original music has changed.

"Real Love" in the Deluxe Edition is a healthy mix of pop, dance, electro and R & B that holds both faster and gentler numbers with 18 tracks. With the fast-paced single "Cold As Ice" the album starts. The song offers an innovative and fresh synth sound of the uses the style of the Euro Dance 90s. The title "Carry Me Home" and "Better Man" are comparable arranged and prove that Sarah dancefloors can bring to the quake. Just danceable, the title "Can not Get Over You", "Rodeo" and "This Is What It Feels Like".

The title track "Real Love" and the songs "Back From Your Love" or "It Only Hurts When I Breathe 'offer romantic tones and prove Sarah's strength to interpret ballads expressive.

With "Leave With A Song" and "Top Of The World" album offers an interesting mix of pop and R & B, in which her voice is impressive advantage.

The Deluxe Edition also provides three bonus tracks ("Top Of The World", "This Is What It Feels Like", "In Love Alone") and the bonus DVD shows a very natural Sarah Connor at a live gig at the Planet Roc studios in Berlin. She performs "Cold As Ice", "Carry Me Home", "Back From Your Love", "Break My Chains", "Rodeo", "Real Love" and "From Zero To Hero" live and to check out their vocal qualities audible more than ever demonstrated. In addition, the DVD offers an interview with Sarah and the video clip of "Cold As Ice".

"Real Love" is a perfect facility arranged and produced album and can feel Sarah's hard work in this project. The album is quite continue success unquestionable Sarah Connors and give their career a further boost.

However, even after listening several times, I must admit that for me except the title "Cold As Ice", "Can not Get Over You" and "Back From Your Love" and the title track "Real Love" album holds no ear common song. Hits like "Let's Get Back To Bed Boy!", "From Zero To Hero" or "From Sarah With Love" makes the album unfortunately miss.

As the owner of all the albums of Sarah Connor and thus a listener and fan of their music nine years now, I give the album nevertheless 4 stars.

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