A piece of motivation

A piece of motivation

Oral-B Stages electric toothbrush children (theme Princess) (Health and Beauty)

Customer Review

This electric toothbrush children consists of handle and brush head; Furthermore, the charging station is included.

Prior to use, the toothbrush should be loaded. 16 hours it needs to fully charge; a control eg with a LED you have not unfortunately.

During operation, the toothbrush behave abnormally; the cleaning performance is fine and the application pleasant (as was reported to me at least). After one minute the toothbrush signaled by a brief interruption that now the other half of the jaw is up. Over time, some of the bristles discolored as a sign that the brush head has to be changed; that should be the case according to the manufacturer after about three months.

Are given as a target group of children aged five and over. However, the younger generation should be quite difficult to do so because the toothbrush is quite large and clunky. For me it has tested an eight year old girl who worked well.

Note: The Princess has only on the brush head. Corresponding replacement brushes are quite expensive. The toothbrush is, however, so the manufacturer's website, compatible with all round TriZone and Oral-B brush heads; this one gets a little cheaper usually. This only works when the child plays along ...

Surely that is different from child to child - with us this electric toothbrush was an additional motivation for the child to brush his teeth. Can I recommend.

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