A real great coffee, really tasty times!  Produces coffee, 5 stars for taste!

A real great coffee, really tasty times! Produces coffee, 5 stars for taste!

Philips HD5407 / 60 Coffee Cafe Gourmet (Direct Brühprinzip, automatic switch-off) black (household goods)

Customer Review

The Philips Coffee Cafe Gourmet surprised me very much when it comes to the taste of coffee, because I'm not a fan of drip coffee and actually prefer using the Bialetti. Even in the office, I have always rejected the filter coffee and am 2 floors went to fetch me from the Jurassic my coffee machine.
But this "direct-Brühprinzip" really seems to make the difference, with respect to the water temperature of 93 ° C indicated that then flows directly to the coffee powder with no long line. The coffee taste is really a huge difference to the filter machine which we had in the past or that we have in the office.

Even the design of the stack structure and the transparent water tank is beautiful, chic and since they are not as clunky as otherwise the coffee machine, this fits very well into our kitchen. By building and the metal handle "they can also be well put away even if you should need even more space. With the complete dimensions 56.8 x 25 x 24.6 cm, it is quite high, but only high and not as wide as usual coffee machines.

Although it has no aroma button "like others, but I have honestly never found a difference in taste with it, which is why we do not miss this one.
Here often the lid and the pot has been criticized, because I can find no deficit, it spills in us not when filling coffee into the cup. We use coffee and tea always filtered water, which we pour directly into the water tank, but we do not use the jug.
The shut-off after about 30 minutes. and the anti-drip also work without complaint.

When cleaning is important to note only one, the rubber ring at the bottom of the water tank, which must be removed for cleaning and no one must forget him sit up again (ie lie down somewhere where it is not made then provided discards), otherwise runs too much water at once into the filter and there was a spill of hot coffee water. But this will be shown in the manual and on the box well with pictures. (We have exactly the game "Search the rubber ring" had, in the first pre-)
A little manual one must read here before, so you can learn the finer points compared to other machines.

This is a real great coffee, really tasty times! Produces coffee, the last tastes me once. Although I prefer latte still Bialetti before, but when my husband brews his coffee, then I will not now necessarily say no thank you ".

Small drawback is the lid of the water tank, which can be pushed upwards only been to filling, here that would fold up or push out as the filter vessel better and practical, will cost a star, because it "is something to get used to when filling with water.

Even if the price is proud for a filter machine, the coffee taste, the quality, the design and Platzwersparniss already speaks very much in favor. I really see no reason to award less than 5 stars for taste.

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