A really great sound!

A really great sound!

Sony SRS-X3 NFC and Bluetooth Speakers, White (Electronics)

Customer Review

I have been looking for what the journey, because you indeed have a TV in most hotels, but rarely a radio,
let then a music system (a bit sad for me Development). The specifications were clear:
- Good sound (if possible even "very" good sound)
- Small (fits great in your hand luggage)
- Light (max 1000 g), well because I have usually accommodate in my 20kg hand luggage already 3 kg of my wife with :).
A sound check at the local electronics market was quite unsatisfactory because it was too loud in the shop and trying out was laborious, various actions had the (very trying) seller for each product always only run before the product n + 1 then what uttered.
Read So little smarter than before back home and 1 day reviews and looked at Youtube.
Overall, then 4 products were shortlisted:

(A) for about 36 euros: got MP141 of anchors that scores with its impressive battery life and the reviews very often attributed to good and very good sound characteristics.

(B) for about 130 euros: Sony SRS-X3, of course, much more difficult, but very good reviews regarding sound.

(C) for about 170 euros: Bose SoundLink Mini.

The first question was whether (A) may not be sooo much worse than (B) and (C) and one stop but quite
may well save money. The question of whether (B) or (C) was difficult, there were many reviews evidence,
that both systems have similar sound characteristics and not sooo very well on the dimensions
differ. Since (B) was to get in the offer for 120 Euro and (C) was approx 50 euros more expensive, I decided
me for (B) the Sony SRS-X3 white here in elegant.

So Action 1: (A) and (B) ordered. Both arrived two days later (same day).

First, unpack the anchor MP141. The unit is very well packed and visually gives a very good and high-quality impression. The Bluetooth connection to the iPhone was there immediately.
Music from. Damn, not a bad tone, maximum volume: Indoor safe ok.

Now the Sony SRS-X3 unpacked. Well, of course, the packaging quite noble, as one is used at Sony.
Optically a very Edeles appearance. The rectangular shape with chamfered corners additionally acts nobly.
The Bluetooth connection to the iPhone was also there from the start.

Music from. ......: Wow, what a great sound. What a distorted bass from such a small box and not a bit.
And that needs to be said already: a very different sound than the MP141 League. Well still not the sound
the stereo system in the living room, but I did not expect.
Should I evaluate both systems regardless of the price, I would give the Sony 5 stars, the anchor would get 3 stars.

Yesterday it happened now quite by chance that I could try in a reasonably quiet environment the SRS-X3 next to the Bose SoundLink mini (if possible direct switching possible, while the music was). I've done that determined 20 min. Well, because I liked the sound of the Bose system but still a little better than that of the SRS-X3. However, this is probably a subjective feeling. The differences seemed rather low.
When Bose bass response I liked better especially at low volumes.
Volume and distortion I would rate times at both systems.
Both systems ranging from certain thickness in order to provide sound a living room undistorted so that one is doing
can hardly entertain (really impressive!). And I think even once that both systems on the terrace yet
can make enough noise to move the neighbor to ring at the front door.

What I also really like the Bose SoundLink mini, is the significantly slimmer design.
Since the Sony-square already looks much heavier. The rounded design of the Bose is maybe not everyone's thing, my (not so young semester) like this but good.
If I asked my wife, which would provide a sound system in the living room in the cupboard of the two systems, it would certainly opt for the modern-sighted Sony device.
For travel or pocket the Bose system but in my opinion the better choice because it significantly slimmer in height and no square edges.

After due consideration, I have decided then to return the MP141 yet and the
To keep Sony SRS-X3 (I've already ordered the matching envelope even with Sony).

In addition, I have but just here at Amazon for 168, - Bose SoundLink ordered mini Euro and then will both keep. The Sony SRS-X3 will then be operated more stationary in the house. The Bose SoundLink mini Travel, Hotel, and go wherever ......

Braun super quality = Rank: 5/5
February 19
leash Rank: 5/5
August 8
A beautiful functional cover Rank: 4/5
February 20
Quality Product 115 Rank: 5/5
January 22
Poor quality 476 Rank: 1/5
August 4
great dance music Rank: 5/5
October 17

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