A review which will allow us to compare with the S4

A review which will allow us to compare with the S4

Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone (5-inch display, 16GB of memory, Android 5) charcoal-black (Wireless Phone)

Customer Review

This review is less comparing the S5 with the market but rather the comparison with the previous model, since I use this themselves already for a year very satisfied. Therefore, I go a mainly due to the differences between the two models and try to show the advantages and disadvantages.

1. Size:
The S5 has, as the market trend and recent models towards common a slightly enlarged screen. However, what is not typical: The device itself increases significantly stronger than the display. In addition, the resolution does not increase further, but this is negligible.

In recent years, it was at Samsung and even today it is still common in the competition, that the display takes up an ever larger part of the surface of the device. Here the opposite is shown. And I personally do not like that. Especially that was enough the display to the edge at S4 and has thus almost exclusively held display in his pocket and hand, I liked it very well. The ppi deteriorates easily. I can see but not necessarily a disadvantage because a FullHD resolution, a super popular format is and you always can no longer recognize the individual pixels of the order. But here also, a technical deterioration can be seen.

In my mind and in my hands the S4 provided the perfect proportions. I could completely with the right hand, or use the right thumb. The new dimensions of the S5, it is precisely grown exactly the piece that I handed no longer get to the top edge of the display. While toggle the option on handed operation shows that Samsung has thought of this problem, has in my eyes but no real solution.

2. The Design:
Basically, the S5 looks very similar to the S4. As a buddy, the device has brought I have seen only at second glance that he already has the S5. On closer inspection, however, fall in two respects:

The frame around the device is made of silver corrugated plastic. You can see it and I like not that. I just find it acts just like cheap plastic. At S4, which I have been using and market launch acts as much more noble. However, I must say that also here just painted plastic was used. And unfortunately broke up the S4, the paint on some edges very quickly. Possibly Samsung wanted to create with this design as a remedy. Like it does me anyway.

The rear panel has also changed. It acts not as scratch-prone as it was the case with its predecessor, and it looks in my eyes still valuable and chic. In addition, the phone fits comfortably in your hand and make it to the back of any fingerprints. So here is a clear advantage for the S5. My S4 is at the back unfortunately already badly scratched through normal use though I thus always carefully Bypass.

3. Battery:
The S5 the battery seems to be much stronger than that of the S4. Of course you have a different daily usage and a direct comparison can be drawn ever. Still, I'm with the S5 even with permanent Bluetooth operating well throughout the day where my S4 evening often very urgently seeking the outlet.
Especially I like the new energy-saving options. I find genial The ability to select a mode with which one is to come up with 10 percent over a whole day. Also display the remaining battery life with a good idea. Unfortunately I could not test how long it actually comes with the remaining battery pack as many functions can not be used and so this mode is probably actually be applied only in an emergency.

The dimensions of the new battery pack like me, however, not at all. It is considerably longer and narrower than a battery S4. I have to work always spare batteries in my pocket. The fit of the S4 case exactly in the small pocket of each pair of jeans. As a jeans manufacturer would think we still need to attach a pocket for spare batteries. The battery of the S5 is far too long for this pocket. It would therefore go to the key in his pocket and would have constant contact with this.

4. The camera:
The camera of the S5 makes really nice pictures. I have some recordings made under the completely same conditions once the S4 and S5 are once emerged from. Result: to detect a difference. Although I must say that I am thrilled by the camera of the S4 and if you can see no difference that is probably only used the camera to the S5 is no worse than that of S4. Both devices make knotless photos. The added value in the resolution is only used a number. I would make the resolution anyway something down because I never want to print pictures in DINA 1. Otherwise, the photos are just bigger but not improved.

The ability to produce videos in 4k is of course an absolute must if you look at the market. But here I must say that it is unnecessary for my use. When S4 I always finished videos in 720p only because they look very sharp and high quality on a large TV, the amount of data is significantly lower and one in the video a bit (digital) can back in. Of course, the advantage is the S5 that can be much stronger digital zoom without the resolution falls below a certain value. So here's a plus. But I personally would probably really finished only very rarely shoot in full resolution. Probably I would never do that because to me the amount of data would be much too large.

The menu of the camera has deteriorated significantly in my eyes. When S4 had numerous presets and interesting features were arranged comprehensible and easily accessible. When S5 there are fewer defaults and an incredibly huge menu to manually adjust many things. But if you want to make fast times a photo that's too messy in my eyes and was solved when S4 significantly better. And above all there with the camera of which is an absolute no-go in my eyes: If the flash off is set or is automatic, that is trying necessarily to build the S5 through a long exposure / over night mode a photo without a flash. In addition, you can not deactivate the night mode. This activates automatically when lighting conditions worsen. So when then helps only one thing: the flash to permanently provide or only photographing stationary subjects. Which one could easily remedy this by there an extra selection for night shots in the menu (as in S4). For most shots I finished serve memories hold. But I'll probably can hardly hold all the images of a complete standstill. And that you can taste only round must be there with the flash permanently set to build a bridge which I find really sad.

5. The fingerprint sensor:
A great idea and absolutely contemporary. I think it's great that you can personalize their smartphone such and secure. But the basic idea is therefore absolutely great and the implementation of the Home button while stealing a super solution.

First small hook is probably the topic of data security. Now Google and Samsung also has the data of my fingerprint. Whether that everyone wants? I do not know. For me personally this is first matter but it's a funny idea.

Second hook is the weak software associated with the scanner. I have used the scanner for some time to secure my device to prevent unauthorized use. As I said, I thought the idea was ingenious and it is also determined much more secure than a pattern draw in which can quickly detect the seatmate. But unfortunately it has remained even with the good idea. Because even though I have stored several times my thumb to unlock and have drawn at different angles on the device, so You usually need several attempts was to the thumb drawn correctly on the scanner and the device actually unlocked. Okay that you can maybe still owe own inability and might fold sometime liquid. But much worse is that at every 10th or 15th Maybe on the 20th time to wake the function of the fingerprint scanner is not enabled. Something is simply nothing. And again Standby or wait or anything else does not help there. You have to enter the alternate password that contains at least 3 safety features and must have a certain length. This led to me after a few days that I have to scanner completely disabled. Because often it has happened that he iff I fast times needed the device for something did not work and I was allowed to enter the password which has lasted much longer. This is a matter of software and just really annoying. And already this great idea has completely lost its significance for me because they would probably find in practice with me not apply.

6. The heart rate monitor:
Under the camera a heart rate monitor is attached. I just wonder who would use this also. My pulse interests me though when I exercise but I can hold your finger on this little scanner. Not only that this feature is totally impractical, it can also be replaced by app with a regular camera. A colleague showed me the same pulse value with the camera of his iPhone 4. And this definitely has no extra scanner for. However, the principle is the same because by the flash of the finger is illuminated and the camera can detect the pulse then. Nevertheless, I think this is more a gadget and would not use.

7. The processor performance:
Admittedly, the processor is really fast. The performance of the S5 always enough for all tasks completely and it hooks nothing. That was when my S4 however always so. Therefore, I feel there is no difference at first.
What is striking, however, that the S5 with heavy load is no longer as strong as it warms S4. So here's a plus. Whether you need the extra power is questionable. At the moment I would say no, but possibly the coming apps are also power hungry and the extra power also makes sense, of course.

All in all, the S5 definitely a great device. It is certainly also a slight improvement to S4 especially if you get the software problems with camera and fingerprint scanner under control. But when you consider that you get for the two S5 S4 then I would definitely say not advise here. Would, if someone asks me today that I set my buy then I'd advise him to S4 since it has a much better price-performance ratio. And I've always tended in recent years to the top current hardware.

Very good. Top quality Rank: 5/5
June 29
visually ok Rank: 3/5
July 24
Game despite gloomy worlds Rank: 4/5
March 19
A high-end protection Rank: 5/5
September 18
Mandatory header !!! Rank: 5/5
November 22
... It annoys me !! Rank: 3/5
May 4

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