A small bible!

A small bible!

Brewer's yeast is malignant (Paperback)

Customer Review

As wholes books of this collection it give great advice. I usually yeast bought in supermarkets or at a health food store, but I did not know what to buy yeast alive beer or nothing will not change in health. There are many reasons for taking brewer's yeast and this little book explains everything: If we are often sick, if one has digestive problems, dry or oily skin, brittle nails, if you are tired or stressed if one has diabetes, etc.

The book talks about the Boulardii yeast, live yeast but I have not managed to find it. At the pharmacy they thought I was talking to baker's yeast. That's one of the problems of this collection, so they are French books often do not find all the necessary ingredients.

Still very interesting. There are health tips, beauty, and uses for cooking.

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