A very good receiver with very little weaknesses

A very good receiver with very little weaknesses

Philips DCR 5000 HDTV Digital Cable TV Receiver (5.1 audio output, HDMI) black (Electronics)

Customer Review

I can virtually no negative experiences confirm.
Very good image at HDTV and SDTV (Sharp 46 "Full HD) super Sound (on YAMAHA AV receiver and devil Compaq30).
Clear menus, trouble-free installation of smart card plug perhaps a little hakelig but with a little feeling immediately splashing around with no problems.
Station sorting average but not dramatically (is with so many devices similar good / bad, also makes you it's only once). Have a main TV list, which for me has 50 stations, needed about 15 minutes.
Remote Control: Advantageous can be on my (all) components work, programming
Nachteil- use the FB but a little confusing,
at least used to.

Switching between programs acceptable,
it takes a little time has loaded the data from all channels to the EPG, but does not bother me, even believe that this is not located on the receiver, but to the transmitters.
Had previously a little concern for teletext since I use the lot and am spoiled by my Sharp, since the text on TV now works really no longer. But unfounded, also at Philips very Scheller text without any waiting time when scrolling thanks to a large page memory. Small minus, the sound is turned off at teletext and only switched on when transparent teletext again, that should not really be so!
All in all a really successful device and at 176 EUR an absolute buy recommendation.
Finally, thanks to the order a delivery from Amazon, Tuesday evening, delivered Thursday noon (no! Express delivery).

Super 1561 Rank: 5/5
February 6
Color differently than expected 1 Rank: 2/5
January 17
Convenient and easy to use 2 Rank: 3/5
November 20
Station Home 1 Rank: 3/5
January 6

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