Actually without words

Actually without words

Kenwood KVT 526 Moniceiver (17.8 cm touch screen monitor, USB, 1-DIN) (Electronics)

Customer Review

In itself, the radio is purely optical not bad. Also noticeable is the possibility of a firmware update (download from the web, burn CD in the radio and off you go). This could abgucken other manufacturers time!

But then the operation of the radio, just terrible. According to the description, there are menu items that you can activate / change only in standby mode. I wonder how to get to standby mode ... for that is not described. Also, do not know what that could be ... exactly! Can I therefore ask myself, because I still do not know what that is now, as I (dark and retracted display) I then because what should switch when switched off ... I mean, if I've NEN TV, thinking I operate even in the standby mode switch, programming and so on ...

The fine-tuning then as the music on the speakers and subwoofer to be output is also somewhat cumbersome and not really well set. The subwoofer was not so controlled, although switched on and connected to the radio. NIX !!!

And spent on FAS 500 Euro. Honestly, as it does one of Au **** ox (lt. Policies Amazon Can not write the name for advertising I) for 250 Euro much better !!!

Thanks again to the seller that he has the radio also taken back !!

Now I know for me, NEVER AGAIN !!! KENWOOD

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