Addictive - but totally bugged

Addictive - but totally bugged

Farming Simulator 2015 [PC Download] (Software Download)

Customer Review

First of all, I like the LS series and current games and the LS 15 is precisely why legitimate criticism should be permitted, because only then can we help to improve a game. All the hymns of fanboys help because none really on, especially not the interested reader a review.

Despite announcing GIANTS what they had to revise later, the LS15 has the old graphics engine. Nevertheless, the graphics a lot more effective than the LS13, though not perfect. Even if I wished for a new graphics engine that has the old engine for users with a weaker PC advantage, you can run the LS15 without problems on computers that were also sufficient for the LS13.

Installation on a Windows 8.1 64-bit PC worked perfectly, also the uploading of the latest patches 1.1, what to do in any case before the first games. That subsequent Laden after the start is really fast, I notice here felt no difference to the LS13.

In the beginning it give one or the other stuttering, especially when you switch on the light, the screen freezes momentarily (less than one second). But the longer you play, the less appear these short dropouts. I do not know why, probably it is a bug.

A nice new feature is, inter alia, that the sowing can now leave even the helper. The vehicles are now dirty with the playing time and can be cleaned with a pressure washer again. In LS15 there in the delivery now two standard maps (Westbridge Hills and Bjorn Holm, which I have played so far only Bjorn Holm. She really succeeded very nicely and become quite large.

With cruise control, there is unfortunately only one step before four stages, which you activate by pressing 3. With the keys 1 and 2 you can adjust the speed of the cruise control. A little complicated the whole thing, if you want, for example, go to the unloading on parallel next to a combine.

Rather negative is the new menu. Some would say you have to get used to it for now. Some other things this may be so, but the new menu is only cumbersome and includes some white even less information than the LS13.

What am especially upset, hence only three stars, are the numerous bugs. GIANTS had a million budget about two years time to develop, because one would have been entitled to expect more.

Well, who you is so addictive and impatient to the new version as I can and live with the bugs, then yes. ; O)
All others I can only guess, waiting for the next one or two patches, whatever went quite briskly at GIANTS in the past.

Finally, a list of reported bugs, which unfortunately is growing hourly.

Bugliste (as 31.10.214)

Liebherr L538: badReferenceFrame @ zKinematic-ArmDummy / arm / Dummy
- Liebherr L538: Tongs for manure loading and Ballengabel missing
- Cultivators general .: draft requirement decrease slightly
- NH BB1290: reduce power consumption a little
- Kuhn FC3525F / FC10030: side panels not foldable (transport mode) / saver not foldable
- Tw. floating branches
- Traffic: cars go off despite traffic
- Vehicles slip
- No driver on the controllable vehicles
- Chicken: Game crashes when buying
- Ponsse Buffalo: Charged tribes slip too easily
- Horsch Maestro: Jump at work and leaves ungedrillte strips
- Ponsse Scorpion: If you have a tree and descends before limbing, the strain is not held
- Stepa: stands after reload a savegame rotated by 180 °
- Shine on vehicles and implements general too high.
- Amazone FT1001: Can not empty with attached syringe?
- Trees: Some voices sawed trees not Collis
- Rain: If the machine / equipment clean only halfway, not completely
- Chainsaws: would disappear if one collects and Restart the game
- Forestry: texture of stump missing
- Varifeed 18FT @ NH TC5.90: SW faster dirty compared to Drescher
- Kärcher: The MP of all players heard
- Cultivator: it is possible to cultivators everywhere
- Animals: The confirmation of the purchase should be removed
- NH CR 10.90: grain tank tarpaulin has wrong shape
- NH CR 10.90: Outdoor Cam too close
- Liebherr L538: Check blade recording
- Mod Maps from v1.1.0: load times higher (zipped Bjorn Holm 55sec, unzipped 5sec)
- MP: Opening doors and gates are not synced with other players
- Mowers: reduce power requirements
No litter visible in Plane MP: Kuhn SPV -
- Sowing: In Store not apparent which supports direct drilling
- Bjorn Holm @ Dedi: 29 field grown with barley (ripe ingame / statusmap) can not be harvested
- Sampo Comia: Missing textures
- Ponsse Buffalo Scorpion +: You get many slopes not high, it lacks a little power
- Ursus Wrapper: In MP the winder takes the first bale on, this is not visible from then, not wound up and will not answer further bales more (data / maps / models / objects / round bales / roundbaleSilage_w112_d130.i3d (1.78 ms) / Error : Invalid event id)
- Tire tracks: Slot number should be set in the menu
- Ponsse Scorpion: Saws sometimes without orders from trees, happens occasionally when the tool surrounds the tree. Here then also lacks the cutting Animation
- Fliegl low loader: Includes 14k bit too cheap
- Axis_Frontloader_Tool must be reversed
- Interior: mirror not in sight
- NH BB1290: After unloading the MP of the table is no longer hinged and the press can not be switched
- Self-Drive: circuit working Headlamps wrong (only low beam, then working lights)
- Kärcher: The pick and place the lance produces a clicking sound which can be heard every MP player
- Kärcher: The work order is not gesynced
- Kärcher: Charged SW can not be or are very difficult to clean
- Sampo Comia: mirror unusable, set incorrectly
- Mission time: In MP changing the mission time is not gesynced
- Grimme Tectron / Maxtron: lifting unit can not be excavated separately without the compl. Off machine
- Grimme Tectron: wide angle mirror left without function
- Sampo Comia: Incorrect Strohhäckselanimation
- Sampo Comia cutting: reel can be gone too far back (tines hit in cutter)
- Error message when gamepad and steering wheel "game engine 6:02 has stopped working" fix
- Speed: It is not possible, with the accelerator pedal (Logitech G27 + G25) to maintain the speed. Only the duration of up to Vmax is affected by the angle of the pedal
- Bjorn Holm: Floating building between field 37 + 38 image, west of Field 38 image, the Store
- Vogel & Noot Terra Disc: the front red position lights should be white image
- Sawmill: Sale trigger is very deep
- Amazone UF1801 + ZA1501: Change gravity, can no longer be raised after the fall
- Kuhn GA: Only grass swaths. For hay it deletes it and created a swath
- Stoll: The tines of pallet forks do not match the pallets (distance too large)
- Trees roll after cases tw. Lange continues
- Double occupancy: Plane close and lower front loader the N key
- By train: If you send the train off the MP, this will not gesynced with the other players. Train stops for players
- Case Magnum 380: texture pixelated (hood / roof / rear lights)
- Contamination: Before the machine dirty should first be removed the gloss
- Steering the small tractor sensitive than the large (50 ° / sec is ok)
- Dedicated Server: Currently only 16 characters. 24 characters would be good
- Ponsse Buffalo was After the savegames reload the loaded machine for nothing
- Dedicated Server: Vehicles slip even when pausiertem game
- Info Pages: Last viewed Info page should call when re appear first
- Machine: to narrow tire tracks
- Tires from locking during braking with pedal control and conversion, in general too hard
- BGA: tire tracks on the left Silo on the road in the air
- BGA: client sticks with the Universal bucket on ground
- BGA: a small ramp in front of the Fliegl Rondo Maten would be helpful
- Horn: Horn sound not to match the machine
- Kuhn VB2190: Bale look like straw bales
- Stepa FHL 13 AK: No PTO available and tractor does not work when it is operated
- Special offers should appear as a reference
- Sampo Comia: double occupancy for pipe extension and straw storage (Gamepad)
- Väderstad Tempo: After 3 tracks already sow dirty
- Bjorn Holm: grass growing in the shelter at the pasture image
- Deliver grain transport mission: Time Bonus greatly exaggerated (3000 premium and 500000 Time Bonus @ difficult)
- Lemken Gigant: When close to helper application in MP Graphical errors
- Lemken Gigant: during the folding process slips away the tractor
- Enable Gamepad, adjust control, game restart (Error: Running LUA method 'init' / D: /code/lsim2015/build/finalbin/dataS/scripts/gui/PlacementScreen.lua (129): attempt to index a nil. value)
- Capello Quasar F4: tips are not folded (Road Transport)
- Chips: A conveyor belt of stock would be useful
- Case Quadtrac: wave is not animated
- MAN TGS: Check price, was supposed to max. Cost 100k
- Error information board: (Error: Running LUA method 'update' / D: /code/lsim2015/build/finalbin/dataS/scripts/gui/BlackboardView.lua (188): attempt to index local 'mission' (a nil value. ) / Error: Running LUA method 'mouseEvent').
- Krampe SB30 / 60: Missing component and shadow change in use of the Plane
- Ponsse Buffalo: This is loaded sold, the trees get stuck
- Forestry: Trees give too much money in all levels of difficulty
- NH TC5.90 can not unloading on to Fliegl ASS 298
- Jenz HEM: crane camera is missing, props go too far down a back Attached HKD302 is not recognized by the ejection tube
- Ponsee Scorpion: Can not all tribes cases / limbing, since the length of max. 5m is adjustable
- NH T4.75: Collision strainer and Frontladerkonsole
- Kroeger HKD320: Unloading After just short explanation for loading from the silo
- MAN TGS: hitch be mounted forward without function back should a TrailerAttacher
- NH TC5.90TAM Iguana 24: chopper protection depends on cutting
- Deutz TTV7250 & Lambo Mach 230: front wheels have to be deeper, see handlebars
- Dedicated Server: When starting the game WBH is indeed selected, started, however, is getting the Bjorn Holm Map (Discontinued Map: Westbridge Hills / display in the web interface (Home): Westbridge Hills / display in Statslink: mapName = "Bjorn Holm" / display in Webstats WBB 4.0 : Bjorn Holm)
- Indicators: if fertilizer spreader is hitched forward direction is reversed
- Growth: would be handy if we could stop this in the menu (reasons: order all fields, several meadows mowing etc ...)
- Grimme Tectron: Plane of overcharge band is clipping in a conveyor belt
- Grimme Tectron: conveyor belt is clipping in the cylinder piston, the real name is. should move along
- Lizard Timber claw: Wrong attached

Depilation Rank: 5/5
October 14
Everything great! 32 Rank: 5/5
June 20
Easy access ipad air protection Rank: 4/5
February 7
1880 984 super Rank: 5/5
January 5
Fragile 14 Rank: 1/5
March 16

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