Affordable lens for great portraits

Affordable lens for great portraits

Nikon AF Nikkor 85mm 1: 1,8D lens (62mm filter thread) (Electronics)

Customer Review

With its 85mm Nikkor is a classic portrait focal length at full size, but also to APS-C cameras definitely still in their support. The invention described here D version of the lens already has a few years under their belt, need before his successor (the 1.8G) but no way to hide, rather the reverse. In my eyes, it produces better pictures, has fewer problems with the accuracy of the AF and focused, even without objectively own ultrasonic motor, quickly enough to cope with its tasks. At the Nikon's entry-level (D3000,3100, 3200 etc. and D5000 series), it is not recommended because these cameras have no camera's AF and lens drive can be provided only focus manually. Through the narrow smooth ring which is very cumbersome and difficult. On the D300, D7000er series it is of course just like the FX cameras highly recommended.
About the Lens

A portrait lens has, as the name suggests, a not exactly lush scope, but a very important in photography. It usually provides great portraits with beautiful blur in the background that make the model stand out vividly. Professionals who often deal with Portraits, therefore grab even like to have more intense variations, such as the 1.4 or even 1.2 85mm, which then, however, slightly beyond even the budget of an amateur photographer. (Cost about 1000 euros) This difference in price of course is no coincidence either, because these glasses are still brighter and already forming at open aperture with high resolution and sharp from.
For the semi-professional, the serious amateur or even the beginners who want to bring their portrait photography forward and expand their options, the 1.8 85mm lends itself to very good.

The lens is well verrabeitet, provides sharp and quickly makes a very solid impression. At maximum aperture, it is quite usable already, but not yet in top form, as his companions from the professional sector. One dimmed two values, but the quality difference to the more expensive lenses is dwindling. From Aperture 2.8 to 4, it produces crisp photos with a nice bokeh. Distortion and Randabdunkelung can be neglected in this Anwndungsbereich confidently.

Conclusion: The Nikkor 85mm 1.8 D can be as a committed photographer certainly always have in your pocket, especially if Portraits pending. The low price makes a decision easier and the picture quality is really impressive for. Who can not use a D version and catch, should slam in my eyes, because that is cheaper and at least as good as the new G version.
For portrait photographers with full frame, might suggest a not so financially painful glance at Sigma who also something almost perfect at the start with the type 1.4 85mm when the focus fits. For DX photographers can be due to the focal length and the Nikkor or Sigma, grab 1.4 50, since these also offer the approximately 80mm and excellent imaging.

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