After a long search finally found - Initial purchase of a coffee machine

After a long search finally found - Initial purchase of a coffee machine

Melitta E 970-306 Kaffeevollautomat Caffeo CI One-touch cappuccino (LCD display, 2 x 135 g Bean Select, 15 bar, cappuccino maker) high-gloss silver (household goods)

Customer Review

On the long search for a decent coffee machine, which, at last been able to find in terms of price-performance and ease of use without unnecessary frills.

How so common, I spend a lot of time with the comparison diverserer customer reviews and test reviews, before the decision is made. After ordering and 2 months use phase of Melitta E 970-306 Caffeo CI One-touch here is my review:

Optics, design and feel:

The coffee machine was deliberately ordered in silver, to match the rest of the interior of the kitchen appliances. The optics convinced without a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles. Display is clear and constructive Animal T all control buttons fit in a row directly under the corresponding menu items (espresso, coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, foamed milk and hot water) arranged. The knob is useful and offers the possibility of menus and of choice (endless rotary function) and beyond the confirmation diverserer Operations.
The keys have a good pressure point, not seem very high, but not cheap.
The relatively small but sufficient display indicates the current function or provides information about the status of the machine (Standby, MyCoffee function or quantity adjustment, more on that later). The display is monochrome and not particularly keen on the resolution or detail ago. However sufficient for use. Solely the response time of the display is at the lower end of the scale, so it takes a little while until the display changes the display. Comparable to the older generation televisions that produce low Hertz number of motion pictures easy wiping. - Bleating at a high level should be allowed for the purpose of detailed review here.
Discharge unit at the front can be adjusted from very low (9 cm between the installation and Coffee outlet for eg espresso cup) to very high (14 cm between spout and Tassenaufstellfläche for example, latte macchiato glass). Finally a machine that fit under the big glasses / cups.
Bean container with cover at the top is very well thought out and fit with rubber coating on Berhälterdeckel for exact connection of the container together with the cover. Fold subdivision of the bean container (one of the main selling points for this machine) reduces the potential amount of beans, but there is the possibility to choose between two coffee bean varieties.
Feel all machine parts very well and thoughtfully. On / off button on the left side of the machine protrudes about 0.5 cm and looks somewhat cheap as shaky. The Wassserbehälter is approximately 1.75 l in the maximum not too small, but also not very large (on average). Grid for heating cup at the upper side is a simple metal grid without gumming etc., how to make sure it knows of other machines. Flap at the top for filling coffee powder is simple plastic, about the longevity can certainly discuss. We are, however, no experience, especially since we do not actively use this flap. It makes sense the hose to the coffee outlet is located on the side, which can be applied with simple plugging. The other end of the (relatively short) hose can be in a milk container (even milk bag) or glass filled introduce me milk. The ease of use of the hose allows a very good and easy cleaning function. Separate milk container (in comparison to other machines) is not necessary and all male sufficient.

Interim conclusion: Very good optical and good haptic impression. Components arranged conscious and functional. Adjustable spout very generous and lateral milk hose simple but useful for the purpose of regular cleaning.

Use and individual coffee setting:

Another main argument for the acquisition of fully automatic coffee machines in addition to the storage of two coffee beans was the support Customized setting of coffee. Here lies one of the main strengths of the machine:
You can set a total of 4 users an individual preparation. The menu of coffee one must first storing the user's name and can be set individually then each quantity of coffee, strength, temperature, volume of milk and amount of foam! This feature may perhaps be regarded by some as superfluous, but it is not, as in particular the storage of two bean varieties expands the horizon coffee in the kitchen.
Coffee is not just coffee and particularly the composition in the cup can be easily determined easily. Once set, there is the option by clicking on the "My" button and then turning the knob between the 4 stored names to choose and by selecting a coffee button "espresso, coffee, cappuccino ..." to the respective users stored setting for coffee-compilation select. Sounds more complicated than it is! So my girlfriend drinks eg. Your Cappucino with 120 ml and 100 ml of coffee milk plus 50 ml milk foam. I, however, take 50 ml espresso, 80 ml milk and 50 ml milk foam. Now another advantage of this adjustment comes to light: During each coffee output, the amount of coffee and milk will be shown on the display. Although it has been stored, for example. The coffee composition, the amount you with easy turning the knob can change during output and the machine stores it for a future election. It makes sense (in our view) and very easy to use! - For all the praise of the individual settings must be said: Of course you can also simply press the corresponding coffee button and the machine are the standard quantity. So you have at any time through a menu jungle - neither in choice of individual possibilities still at default selection of coffees, cappuccinos etc.
The choice of coffee beans is made possible by tilting adjustment of the lever, which is located directly on the bean container. Shortcomings:
1. You have to remember that, for example. A cappuccino is made with espresso and adjust accordingly the rocker arm on each side of the bean times in which there are espresso beans.
2. If after a drink with normal beans want to choose a drink with beans from another container and put aside in accordance with the lever on this subject, although the selected beans are ground from the chosen subject in the next step, but there are still remaining beans from the process earlier in the grinder. So you should have a drink "run" so that the other beans are completely crushed and there is only one type of bean is in the grinder.
So it could happen that Papa Tim makes a normal coffee, Grandpa Tom flips the lever on espresso and still are normal beans in the grinder, although espresso beans were drafted and then grandmother Gerta turn want a regular coffee, so the switch to the normal beans flips, but still gets the rest of espresso beans. Are worse, but this information should not remain implies denying.
The self-cleaning function of the milk hose will drink offered by each, in which the machine comes in contact with milk. Is a great feature: Hose is simply removed from the respective milk container and plugged into the provided opening on the drip tray. By pressing a button pressure on the rotary switch of the hose is cleaned with hot water, "shot through" with Wasserdampt again, so this is then clean. It makes sense and made easy!

Also noteworthy is the indirect light on the coffee spout, which "sets the scene" the cups. Especially for people to again later attack the hour for coffee supports the lighting (both keys, the menu, the rotary wheel and the coffee spout) immensely.

The standby time and the automatic switching off can be adjusted gradually, our machine switches itself off after 1 hour. Automatically. Adjustable but are discounts for 15 minutes up to 4 hours.

A negative point in terms of stop and automatic cleaning before turning off, however we noticed what Melitta begin to think again:
The Abtropschale was anscheind very crowded, but not so full that the invitation appeared to empty the display. After a coffee consumption in the late evening we went to bed and after 1 hour after the last operation the machine has cleaned and automatically shut down. The next morning was to see then a puddle of water on both the worktop and on the tiles. Thus, the machine had to clean before shutdown through, so until then very full drip tray has overflowed and the coffee-water sought its way along the dishwasher and the tile joints. - Certainly, to revise a previous call for evacuation.

Interim conclusion: Meaningful individualization features that adjust easily and should be amended. Appropriate cleaning function of the milk hose. Separate milk container is not mandatory. Mahllautstärke adheres unlike other machines in mediocrity. Vibrations at the drip tray or the holding grid at the top do not occur. Bean container with separation via toggle switch to operate, but remains at switching of the lever between the two grades available. Volume of the drip tray to prompt huge chosen here is certainly a need for action on the part of Melitta.

After detailed research, comparison of different independent testing and evaluation of customer reviews, the choice has fallen on the Melitta Caffee. The main arguments for buying were particularly:

(Be real Cappucino and Latte Macchiato times now drunk with Espresso) + stocking two different coffee beans are more than reasonable. Subjects subdivision can eg. Also be taken useful for normal and decaffeinated beans, everyone as he likes.
+ Customization options of coffee assortment we do not want to miss!
+ Good to very good test results of well-known test magazines (often in the top 10 of the coffee machine) convinced
+ Very good value for money for a coffee machine
+ Milk container is not necessary, so that cleaning time is reduced to a minimum
+ Lit menus, controls and spout
+ Attractive design and simple operation with no unnecessary menus

Negative points that have been brought in experience before buying and after testing:
- Display resolution and response could be better, but enough!
- Cleaning function has led to overflow the drip tray
- Customer has not been tested, but according to online research often not very positive

All in all the right equipment for the discerning coffee lovers, but also the right machine for cost / performance-conscious consumers, the high demands on design, workmanship and quality. We made the decision so far no regrets, and hope for many years repairing free. Enjoy the product.

good but lacks finesse Rank: 3/5
February 2
A touching story 2 Rank: 5/5
March 4
Discrete, functional case Rank: 4/5
November 4
Proper functioning 11 Rank: 4/5
September 5
Fat-free chips! Rank: 4/5
July 7

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