After IEEE 802.11ac limited use

After IEEE 802.11ac limited use

Ubiquiti Unifi AP-AC - Radio access point - 802.11 (Electronics)

Customer Review

This product is not a simple access point, but a product that is used for building hotspots. Technically a hotspot is of course an access point, but the UAP-AC provides many options that do not take advantage of home users. First rule is operated to realize a "hotspots" more than one access point. A whole network of Access ponits to offer a full-surface coverage and maximize the number of clients that can be supplied. Therefore hotspots with a management software usually offered, with the can be multiple access points simultaneously manage, and the other features offers as a "payment portal", the "Redirct of sites", issuing vouchers, user management, limitation of bandwidth etc.

Although this AP course work in the living room quite, it is fundamentally not designed for home users, and is a bit like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut in your own 4 walls. For the private sector there are clearly cheaper solutions.

In this respect, this access point has to say in front of a professional background and must meet professional requirements in the enterprise space. According to high standards I create in this evaluation.

This access point does not support DFS. In Europe, the channels may in the 5 GHz band lediglch be used 36-48 without DFS, and even there only indoors. The remaining channels (52-64 and 100-140) may only be operated with DFS, but also outside, with a higher power. If you want to benefit from the advantages of 802.11ac, you need 80MHz or 160MHz bandwidth, which can be achieved by bundling multiple channels. In AC operation there are therefore only two channel alternatives (36-40 and 44-48), or even only one channel selection option (36-48).

It is actually essential to have the greatest possible Freqeunzwahlbereich, so you can either escape in densely populated areas to other channels when the neighbors already wide make on any frequencies, or to many access points relatively close together to install to very in a building many clients to enable wireless access great band Breits.

According to the statement of Ubiquiti (as April2015) of the UAP-AC does not support DFS, and there is no intention on the part of Ubiquiti's to change this in a future firmware. Whether the APs of hardware ever support DFS and could be activated simply by an appropriate firmware DFS, Ubiquiti reserves for itself.

For professional use this access point is useless. Two stars because the device is working properly, and the free Management Software provides many functions extremely incl. Typical hotspot features like payment function, issuing time-limited voucher ....

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