Again a series of games destroyed by € A!

Again a series of games destroyed by € A!

SimCity [PC / Mac Origin Code] (Software Download)

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SimCity I always thought was great! I've loved to stomp huge cities from the ground and the need to have everything under control organization, so I'm also really solely responsible for the success of a functioning metropolis. That is what has always made me proud of my work and what I had the most fun. Now, another offshoot of the series has been released, but after what I have seen and experienced in, I have to contend even with this game. Unfortunately, a buddy, with whom I have tested the beta extensively, is also torn between the benefits of some well-made innovations and the many changes that has brought not only the opositibven.

It may certainly have new features that make fun and make sense. But if outweigh the negative things for me, with me just can not come up gameplay.
In the positive aspects you've probably already heard enough of the Lobduseleien the game developers and magazines. Perhaps also there a few very critical.

But I have decided for the following reasons against SimCity:

- Special Edition: What am I getting? Among other things, a piece of printed sheet and three cities sets that are even offered me in-game shop just as expensive. Toll!

- Always-online-duty: I can play SimCity NOT offline. So when traveling with the Lap or poor Internet connection, forget it! If the servers are overloaded or offline, I just can not simply fire up the single-player and just continue playing

- Online storage of game admissions: I can only online on my savegames zurückgreifen.Meine D1 saves from almost 20 years ago, I still have. In SimCity I guess times on No, because there are no more long the server.

- In a few years EA provides a server-side support. And then? Forever in the trash? Well, you finally will indeed then sell the successor expensive. Right?

- Requires EA`s gaming platform Origin. If I forced the online se hold already for a slap in the face. Why should I be warm with this forced upon by force on the part of EA platform then ever?

- Ingame Shop: Already in release should I buy to me ingame content as cities Sets for ~ 5 apiece. Sorry, but that's pure wonâ! I'm afraid there are any other PTW or pay cheat contents follow.

- No big city atmosphere: I feel like the manager of a small district. The cities provide only village atmosphere and act unreal in higher stages of development. "Mini Las Vegas on Mars"

- Specializations: Each player goal is to specialize its cities in one direction. I no longer have the big picture, but buy certain services simply by other players to do so. Boring and undemanding when I no longer have to do this themselves. But perhaps the ideal excuse or justification for the compulsory online.

- Too easy: You will be showered with money outright. Again, no claim.

- No good Ki: Because there is no real single-player, the management of other cities superfluous by KI mayor.

- Winding roads: do not bind in the gameplay. The basic checkerboard pattern continues to be received. Only takes up space and it has on these Miiarealen anyway too little.

- No Preload: What the hell have to gadacht here. If you buy the download version is therefore a game of 12Gb several days with ~ 1 Kb / s is on release day download or such? Just unnecessarily stupid!

- Multiplayer: Basically SimCity had always been an almost pure single-player game. While it is nice when there are now other people with whom I want to achieve something. But I think it's stupid to ask here teamplay, where it might as well do a Ki. I am the mayor of a city and I want to determine what will happen to her, and not just the specialist for waste disposal in the game or Eventual alone :(

- The game is still a few days to weeks to be hardly playable as it is chronically come to another server overloads. So does a new game hardly fun, once you get is at least half an hour in the queue and ingame by a disconnect lose all progress, to then wait again for an hour can make a fresh start again. I am the helpless. THE-HELL NO!

- Price: 60 Euro? You think not really think I'm going to spend on such a bad game with ingame shop 60 Euro? It's like throwing pearl before swine! Oh, I forgot, EA is indeed a. Since I'm going to probably resist the Grabbeltisch even in three months.

It simply'm only sorry what did to EA and the developers of the series. About these machinations I can not get over looking an old fan of the show, unfortunately.

I can only advise this game to buy, because with our inconsistency, we make it easier EA always our favorite games to go against the wall. We buy the crap EA gets tons of coal, and thus power, buys good game developers, and botched the end. Toll! And all this for the benefit of some shareholders. And we make with the game and are too stupid to realize that? Well, great!
I would be glad if you can also see the rather more help here
Think. Also learn to say NO, and be consistent. The only way we could show publishers what direction they pursue. It just depends on us. You are personally responsible for what happened!

If you think I mistaken, then I would refer to the impressive experience of our US colleagues on

Compact yet stable Rank: 5/5
November 23
Okay January 2103 Rank: 4/5
January 14
use difficult Rank: 2/5
May 20

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