Album top, republication flop

Album top, republication flop

Rocker from the coast (Audio CD)

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The boys of the East German band Berluc, the famous "Rocker from the coast" make, since the late seventies concrete rock music. In GDR times, they have released three albums grandiose, whose range of Hard & Heavy extends to the space rock ballad. These three albums are among the best of what the next Ostrock Silly, City & Co. has so produced.

But what the record label Amiga / Sony has only been thinking to drive the long-overdue reissue box with the Berluc albums so before the tree? Apparently nothing at all!

Since first time the fantastic second Berluc album "One hundred thousand elemental forces" from 1982 completely ignored. Although there was this ever a CD, but it's been almost 20 years, and the CD has long since disappeared from the market. Who wants to buy second hand, must have very lucky to be able to find at all. And if so, then the good piece as rarity is very expensive. The set gives you a deduction of points.

So now we hold the first ("Journey to the Stars") and the third ("Rocker from the coast") Berluc album on CD in his hand. And are not satisfied, particularly with the latter as a fan. On the cover is placed after the title it big in brackets "no. 2", which is not true at now, because that was the Berluc record no. 3. If the Amiga leaders have forgotten about it because even an album in between has given? Earlier was not "no. 2" on the album cover, it has been added for the CD edition specially in large red letters. Why, probably no one knows for sure. So once again point deduction for so much incompetence with respect to an ordinary document. Amiga / Sony, is it really so difficult to classify three albums a band right?

The height of impudence is that two songs that contained the original album in 1985 have disappeared on the CD "Rocker of the coast". Both of the lovely title "Dream Flight" and "all happy" were simply left out. For just three other old Berluc songs were draufgepackt, without identifying that these do not come from the album. On top of that there's five bonus tracks, so entirely new Berluc songs that are actually not bad, but you would now do not expect on this re-release of the original album. At least not as long as two songs of the original are missing. Incidentally, the CD has a playing time of just under an hour. So it would have still had thick square the two missing titles. Why they are missing is more to me than a mystery. Mind you, this is the format used by no means a Berluc compilation, but the once famous album "Rocker of the coast". But that is now just no more. Imagine, in a new edition of "Sgt. Pepper" missing "Within You Without You" and "Lucy In The Sky". That would be unforgivable. For this, again penalized.

Worth mentioning are only the presentation of the CD (nice digipak with booklet) and the "digitally remastered" sound quality that is already mentioned in size on the cover.

But all this does not alter the fact that the album was mutilated and thus is more than disappointing, but where the joy of the re-release was initially so great.

Supposedly there is a limited edition. Since one can only hope that the limit is reached very soon and will be submitted an unlimited edition that brings the album the way it must be: complete and unmutilated.


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