Almost perfect alarm clock but unfortunately not with Bumper - but it also suitable for IPad Air!

Almost perfect alarm clock but unfortunately not with Bumper - but it also suitable for IPad Air!

Sony ICF-DS15IPBN docking station with clock radio for iPod / iPhone 5 (Electronics)

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An iPhone docking alarm clock fulfills two modern needs: on the one hand supported the battery hunger bill (no later than 2 day need a used IPhone yes be recharged), on the other hand, you can fall asleep even to his favorite music and wake up again.

How Sony that with its current model makes with Lightning connector, I could looked closer to me now times.

1. Optics & processing, general use
As I had expected from Sony, the device makes a qualitatively very good impression. All gaps are fine, nothing rattles or pinched, or smells even after chemical. The white clock display looks very classy. The brightness of the display can be adjusted with the snooze button 4 stages, so no flash lighting prevents sleep.
Time and date are preset class the minute factory!
In Natura, the device seems to me a little larger than the pictures on the Web, for the bedside table, it is still.

The buttons are placed carefully considered: the most frequently needed at the top, the ones hidden further back for the First Time.
Setting the radio stations automatically goes in a matter of 2 minutes. The reception is very good with the supplied wire antenna for ultra-short wave.

5 of 5 stars

2. alarm clock function
The options to be woken up really thought through this machine to the last detail. There are both 2 different alarms independently and also 3 different alarm modes: radio, IPod, beep. The iPod mode only works with the connected device, it is preset and not connected IPhone, is awakened with beep.

I really liked the clear and clear operation of the two alarms. Many manufacturers hide such functions behind any complicated operation (press and hold button 3 while pressing button 5 times in quick succession), not so Sony: setting the alarms can be carried out by less technophile people.

Class is also the day settings: you can select whether you want to let the whole week awaken from Monday to Friday or on weekends only. By 2 different alarms the workweek you can wake you up at 9 clock for example at 6 clock and on weekends.
Prima: the device awakens even without AC power: Although only beep, but still!
5 of 5 stars

3. Sound
Pressing the Play button on the radio alarm will sound at eingedocktem IPhone from the currently playing track in the iPod, very simply and exactly what you expect.
The sound is ok for a radio alarm clock One should not expect hi-quality here. There are in addition to the pure play still the possibility a bass amp (Mega Bass) and a Klangerweiter (Mega Expand) to turn on (both simultaneously). The effect depends on the played tracks even good times very artificial.
4 of 5 stars

4. IPhone functionality
Because the Lightning connector is relatively small and fipselig, Sony has designed a groove next to the connector to stabilize the iPhone. So the iPhone is bombproof indeed, no matter how awkward per se when Rein Press hires (one has already push in properly), but this is a use with Car and many other cases (the bottom next to the Lightning jack no recess have) impossible. Too bad this is the only one not completely insignificant vulnerability of the device.

Sony also offers a free app (with the cute name D-Sappli) on. So you can then synchronize the time, to be woken up with certain songs, or to display certain watch designs in the iPhone screen. That's nice, but not essential. The Sony software developers have done well not to design the app as a must.
3 of 5 stars

Here Sony has a really well-designed iPhone docking alarm clock, the convincing functional. The only weakness is that the Lightning connector owed incompatibility with the majority of cases (for a star deduction). Who does not use a protective case, or one which can be easily removed to access safely here.

Edit 11/26/13:
With joy I've found that the docking station is also suitable for the new iPad Air. The prerequisite is of course that if a shell is used, these can be freely left and right of the Lightning connector about 2 cm. Therefore, appreciation of 1 star to 5 star full.

Protective Cover for iPhone 6 Rank: 5/5
October 9
Quality / unacceptable price Rank: 2/5
December 20
Picture does not show Rank: 3/5
June 25
always impeccable 1 Rank: 5/5
January 31

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