(Almost) Perfect docking station for my Windows 8.1 Tablet

(Almost) Perfect docking station for my Windows 8.1 Tablet

i-tec USB 3.0 dual dock for tablets and notebooks HDMI DVI 2x Full HD + 2048x1152 + USB Charging Port for Tablet 4x USB 2.0 Port 2x USB 3.0 port Gigabit Ethernet, audio output, microphone input, for notebook Ultrabook Tablet from WIN 8.0 (Accessories)

Customer Review

I use the Toshiba WT8 8 "Windows 8.1 Tablet with extreme enthusiasm (see my review it).

That's why I wanted to replace my old desktop PC with it. If you sit all day in front of the screen and writes an 8 "Tablet is naturally first unsuitable.

With this docking station I'm the solution already (almost) very close (more to "almost" later).

I put the tablet by OTG adapter to the USB 3.0 connection cable, and I directly monitor, USB keyboard, USB mouse, LAN, external hard drive and audio output connected.

TIP: On DVI output, you can connect with a "DVI-I VGA Adapter" for under 5 and an analog VGA monitor! That is unfortunately nowhere in the description, but is so.

TIP: UNTIL the latest driver from the display link page to download and install, only connect THEN the tablet for the first time.

TIP: The software is installed in the Notification Area (the small icons at the bottom right), an adjustment software. The icon looks like a network icon, do not get confused. Because then you can adjust the rotation of the external connector, and the display mode (ie both on display, or external display as an extended Deskop, or only external display what the correct mode for this purpose). If this is done, the internal screen automatically turns off the Tablet when you plug in the dock, and the external is in normal landscape orientation available. So far so good.

Now for the "almost": As with virtually all known to me Tablets with OTG connection can not simultaneously use Laden and the OTG mode (since the OTG mode normal mouse, or USB flash drive is connected, and then power needs FROM Tablet). However, it should give adapter cable, which goes (not normal Y-cables because I now have a few lying around useless). Once I have what you wanted, I'll post it here!

That's not a problem this docking station that's also suitable for normal notebooks, and who do not have this problem before. That's why still full 5 points!

The mirror mode can not be used with a tablet because of the DisplayLink driver always starts from an upended Tablet. If this cross is in landscape mode, the display is tilted at the TV 90 ┬░ to the right, and I've found no way to turn off the.

The power supply is probably * slightly * oversized with 5V / 4A (= 20W). In the above mode, but without external HDD, the docking station needs in operation about 2.6W. With USB-powered HDD depending on the model about 3W more. If the tablet is marked it is still 1.6W. (!) Since the dock has no off switch, electricity costs by more than 5 per year would be incurred if continual idle - is just so, but TVs may have, for example, not as high standby power consumption. A true standby mode manually or automatically I have not found.
The power supply itself is not the culprit, which needs no infected dock only 0.1W.

Actually, I should deduct a point for this sloppiness. So yet again the whole (notebook charger, monitor and docking station) to a connector strip ran - manufacturers in the world, this can not be the solution in 2015 !! At least here the solution would be simple: In the OTG USB port voltage is applied from the terminal, this could be but an electronic power switch (I will not say yes RELAY) key. You actually need a power plug adapter with built-in relay, which is connected via a loop-through USB connection.

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