Almost too good for the terrace

Almost too good for the terrace

Ultra Natura Auflagenbox with gas spring, Canberra series - Noble & High quality FSC certified eucalyptus wood - 125 x 55 x 61 cm (garden products)

Customer Review

Our package came with UPS. There are nearly 32 kilograms. The goods were packaged well, but lacked the low beams, the straps at your fingertips. So the packaging was slightly torn at the corners, but they told us differently, they can carry the package not only because it slip away.
The content was without prejudice and again buffered with foam. A second box is in there and so nothing happened.

To build two people are great, but I have managed alone. Only the tightening of the cover alone is not so easy, because you keep him and at the same time has put the screws. But it is also alone. Half an hour, then it's done.

The box is made of beautiful wood, processed very valuable. No splinters or dirty corners and edges. It weighs a whopping 25 kilograms. The holes are perfectly milled and the entire tool is attached. A Phillips is packed, which I think is great. So you can assemble with the supplied tool the box. The screws are very good and high quality. Hold and not bend during insertion. It goes in everything like butter. Fits perfectly. In addition to the individual parts of the tongue and groove are pre-working, so that the box holds together not only with the screws. An illustrated instruction with the exact assignment of the screw is.

All six wooden parts are in equal strength and in equal quality. The bottom board is also very gentle and worked as you have not saved, even if you see the board neither from below nor with filled box. The floorboard has a distance to the surface on which the box should be, as is always best ventilation from below. Ever has not saved to the non-visible parts. All parts are processed with value and very clean, I would like to reiterate.

The wood looks almost like cherry, has a slight reddish tinge. The color looks super chic and the whole box would make well in the home as a bed frame or toy box. It's almost too good for outdoors. Anyway, we are excited and the Box is a visual treat.

Our six pillows or pads fit. The cover by the way has a shock absorber and thus he is gently lowered and can not fall thunderously. The ventilation of the pad is given by the fine slits. The cover is the same thickness in the wood like the other parts, and you can use the entire box as a bench. Up to 100 kilograms of holding the lid.

Conclusion: A very quality Auflagenbox in beautiful wood with a slight build. Here we have spared no expense! The summer can come!

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