Also suitable for the smallest apartment

Also suitable for the smallest apartment

Skandika Treadmill Home Run (equipment)

Customer Review

Unlike other treadmills that Skandika Treadmill Home Run is much smaller, so it takes up very little space for it. It is not being used, you can fold it and easily stow away almost invisibly in the corner. In addition, it still has quite a different special feature: it can in fact be turned into a few simple steps in a table or sideboard.

Another special feature of the Skandika Home Run treadmill is the design. The machine is in piano black finish and thus, unlike conventional treadmills, of course, particularly nice to look at. There is also a storage area for a laptop, tablet or mobile phone, so you can also work during running. One can use this function, for example in order to answer during which mails. Problem is, however, only to stage five of six. At level six the hand-leg coordination is, at least for beginners, a bit overwhelmed. But even those who do not want to work during the running, the non-slip shelf space can be used for his laptop and while its easy to see a movie or read a little to distract from the actual effort. Depending on the size of laptops or tablets but also in whole or in part, the display will show hidden, which further is not bad but, since one must rarely change something during the run. In addition, the storage area of ​​the home runs has a cup holder, so you can also have a drink in between. Integrated in the tray are also two handles, so that one course in the conventional way, namely just simply can only be used for running, the treadmill.

Purchase can be the Skandika Home Run treadmill in the colors black and red. We chose black because it looks simply elegant. However, the piano black finish also has as its pitfalls, because you really see every fingerprint on the treadmill. Came the treadmill by freight carrier. It is great that the treadmill was already fully assembled and it had to be only opened and erected. The structure is thus completed in less than five minutes. A manual is not needed.

If the ground is somewhat uneven, you have the possibility to compensate for unevenness using the feet. With its dimensions of 122 x 56.3 x 31.5 cm, the treadmill is very compact and is also suitable for the smallest apartment. Of course, these small dimensions are also reflected in the width and length of the treadmill, which is quite small with 37 x 98 cm compared to traditional treadmills. For this, the treadmill's just small, light and compact and can be, if necessary, once quickly stowed in the corner. Usable the treadmill is the way up to a weight of 120 kg.

Just like the construction is easy, the operation of the treadmill. Using a toggle switch to turn on the treadmill. Then you have to press only the start button and adjust the speed. The treadmill has a motor with 1.25 hp, whereby a maximum speed of ten kilometers per hour can be achieved. Overall, the Skandika Home Run offers eleven different speed settings, so that you can go on the treadmill can both run (slowly). For inexperienced runners and amateur runners, these different speeds or the maximum speed are sufficient. For professional runners is more of a joke. Even for people with particularly long legs that Skandika Home Run treadmill is only conditionally suitable. Anyway, it would be nice for my husband when the treadmill would be a little longer. He would also want a higher speed, since it can almost go in stage six.

In addition to speed, you can still read the calories burned and the distance and time already spilled on the display, which is quite enough for us. Although the Skandika Home is of course not to compare round treadmill with a professional treadmill from the gym and not necessarily suitable for professional athletes, it is sufficient for our purpose: It not only looks good, but also helps us to our baser instincts overcome ,

Super satisfied !! 6 Rank: 5/5
October 27
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January 15
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July 22

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