Am thrilled !!!  32

Am thrilled !!! 32

Fiskars Weed Puller, multicolored, length 100cm (garden products)

Customer Review

Hey, I'm actually a bit lazy when it post the review goes one but in this case I just have a write :)

First all the votes before me review meeting to complete. Who am also annimiert for buying this product. But I admit that I was still sketpisch. The delivery came zzap via DPD and I got the part, of course, immediately unpacked and down in the garden. (Those who expect a detailed user guide, the rest assured, you do not need !!!)

My sister had 3-4 years ago the idea in our front yard to plant a variety of grasses / sow. But the stupid grasses have a tendency to multiply such and everything in place is there to claim for themselves. The bastards have such deep roots that they certainly do not get my hand out of the ground or to break off the roots. Even my spade, it is impossible these "critters" all find out. Even the roses have spread, so these were received shortly before the roses.

The Unkrautstecher was my last hope that I will again this Mr. "weeds". I now have 2-3 hours each worked 2 days with the Unkrautstecher and people I've seen it all get out. Not a booze of the stuff is still in my garden. Ok, as a second tool I had a garden claw in use but which was asked only in wall nearby, everything else I've done with the Unkrautstecher.

The handling is really easy and hardly stressful. The soil should be moist and somewhat loosely be (hard floor, I could not try and I do not want too :)) are enriching the engraver simply on the floor and stand on the footrest until the claws in the ground, tilts the stem to be zoom e voila the root stuff hanging on the claw, then pulled on a short stem and the stuff flying in the drop box. (!!! From 1m tested yet unerringly)

Almost 2 years ago, I had smashed the right heel bone and I am suffering today still under various pain aftermath. But working with the Unkrautstecher, strained almost not to the foot and I then also no pain. If I had all tried with a spade, I could now put the foot back into the corner!


The device deserves full 5 star (more unfortunately does not go)
The price is justified!
The quality of the device makes a very satisfying feeling! (In addition, 5-year warranty)
A manual is not necessary (but in images can be seen on the box cover, but they do not need)
Working with the device is hardly stressful and also fun !!! (Never thought that work well can again be fun :))

If I will soon need again for the garden a device, I'll keep an eye out for the first brand "Fiskars" !!!

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August 23
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June 19
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March 22
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February 1
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March 12

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