an excellent book to discover or revise the Metal

an excellent book to discover or revise the Metal

From hard rock to metal - The 100 cult albums (Paperback)

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100 ... In principle, I would turn back rather ... But no, it is an excellent introduction to Metal. Obviously the choice can be discussed at length. It includes (thankfully) Anthrax, System Of A Down. We are pleasantly surprised to see there Gun N 'Roses and Joe Satriani. A little surprised still to meet with Pat Benatar with his album "Crimes of Passion" (which I love by the way!) And a little disappointed not to see Machine Head (the band, not the album Deep purple!).
However, the choice is generally very good and very representative. On an Escape to the many "northern group" of Europe ...
The presentation of the book is very nice. Each album was 2 illustrated pages, perfectly documented, and that makes you want to know more or to "review". Thus I took out the above mentioned album of Pat Benatar. It is true that it made me rather evoked a style closer to "The Bangles" (bad joke, I admit). So I stood "my" Bangles and finally ran back to the good old (and new) Metal. In this regard, I contest the last sentence on the back of the book "When you listen to Metal, you always eighty years" ... not agree, I am 70 years old (soon), I claim my age, and I listening to the Metal from the 60-70 (then the Hard Rock), but not that. With age, I become addicted to Metal. Also, this book is an excellent book to complete my culture and revise my "classics".
Finally, a big hat to the preface of Francis Zegut. In a few lines, is a tribute to the guitar, I do cites just a short passage: "If he has a family that always rolls for the guitar, the metal !. .. "I encourage you to read more.

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