And find love

And find love

Search Women (Paperback)

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Look for the woman is the novel of total immersion in the relationship, an abysmal plunge into the depths of the soul. It is not only drive, but becomes passive spectator of life of Serge and Marianne, much like a discreet longtime friend who attends the stormy course of their lives. For it is well that it s ca. Life. With its large and small moments. Its joys and heartbreak. They will be many who will recognize themselves in these pages. J have so rarely found as many correct phrases. An incredible sensitivity that allows the author to put words on the evils of everyday life. An analysis of our wanderings, our weaknesses, our problems as we rarely read. I ve been captivated by this delicate writing that with great finesse n spare anyone without scratching any consciousness. I congratulate the literary prowess of Alice Ferney. I m defer to his cruel and lucid judgment, passing time crumbles beings and c is often to pieces that they s off. Life is a monstrosity seed, a consuming fire that consumes you little by little and will make you a small pile of ash that the wind will scatter the discretion of the bitter memory.

Very average 6 Rank: 2/5
August 30
Quality / Price unbeatable. 5 Rank: 3/5
April 30
362 Middle ... Rank: 2/5
May 31
Lovely 7 Rank: 3/5
August 25
No .... January 88 Rank: 1/5
May 19
Awesome 7 128 6 2314 Rank: 5/5
August 28

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