And tales of!  A!

And tales of! A!

Tales of Vesperia (Video Game)

Customer Review

For many, the series of tales of was initiated with the arrival of Tales of Symphonia on GameCube there that a few years: the previous episodes that have struggled to cross borders. Well, if you liked the episode on GameCube, you'll love this episode.

First, the graphics: everything is not just that, but they are beautiful. They do not swarm of millions of details, they may seem simple, but it is the same tales of the universe: the cell-shading side pleasing to the eye but do not put everything on that.

Then the gameplay: fight in friendly real time, the machine controlled allies are far from being idiots, the strategy is adaptable depending on the situation (and in combat) and at worst, one can take their control to select actions to perform. Everything is simple to use and no one will lose it.

For the rest, although the aspect of the game can be a bit "childish", the story is not really there, and for playing and finished just before 4 star ocean, I much prefer psychology and relationship characters from tales of the game rather than the square-enix.
The reason: small scenes between characters, actions and even thoughts they have, are both funny and sincere. We imagine in their place, and rarely fall into silliness.

The scenario is not exceptional, but he has the gift of being effective and being followed. Finally, the game is still complete with kitchen, titles, weapons, and items specific modifiers appearance of characters who are searching everywhere.

Anyway, finally a good Japanese RPG on the Xbox 360.

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