Android class for little money and very little negativity

Android class for little money and very little negativity

Odys X610089 Gate 25.7 cm (10.1 inch) tablet PC (Rockchip quad-core, 1.6GHz, 1GB RAM, 16GB HDD, HD IPS display (1280x800), aluminum housing, Kingsoft Office, WiFi, Bluetooth v4.0 , Android 4.4 touch screen) black (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

Hello again,

Today I want to evaluate the Odys gate.
I must say that the device was thought of me as a gift, which is why I came, of course, less concerned, durchzutesten it thoroughly. I try it anyway closer to.

When unpacking the screen protector was relatively positive, because this has only one corner of a red stripe, which you can ignore even if you do not mind. In addition, act the 10.1 "very pretentious, what's more, the aluminum base, which gives the tablet a wertigeren impression that you would actually expect from the cheap suppliers. Unfortunately the gate lacks an HDMI port, via Chromecast but can certainly via WiFi the image to be transmitted. Also the USB port (1x Micro) to charge the battery (8000mAh!) thought and thus missing the gate an alternative way to load it and at the same time to connect a device (eg mouse and charging). This perceive the but most people do anyway as a better alternative.

If you switch the device on, follow the ODYS typical boot screens, one does not know any differently, and feels good about it.
Then, according to perceived quarters of an hour (boat takes the gate seemingly always long), the Android 4.4 is in its full glory! The IPS screen does what it should: great color, viewing angle dependency and a good resolution (1280x800) provide a very good first moment. This must and can be proud of!

If you install all apps (Antivirus and Co, Games, Office, Amazon, ...), the tablet still nimble enough compared to elderly Galaxy Tab 2 7 "with CustomRom and OC but somewhat jerky. But that the normal user comes clear . The Rockchip processor clocked at 1.6Ghz, the GPU has 4 processing units .. This should be enough for good games Tested with "Riptide GP2" .. runs;.!) And the game can already call on the hardware The Gate makes this however. not much. Good!

Important for the transmission of data and apps of course is the root access. Also goes without hesitation to set up, with certain tools. Thus, and it may also eventually provide Custom Roms, CM11 example.

The camera we did not try that we leave then but rather also the really good equipment as the "Billigcams" unfortunately not shoot good pictures now times. Whether the here is so? Finds it out!

Worth mentioning is also that can endure quite the preloaded on your device software.
Samsung is known bloatware unless on the device. The gate is used to lean therefore.

The overall impression of the normal user should be - especially in the price range - emerge quite positive, at least until then.

Negatives, there are also to report, however, will still be very little on the current state.
It was noticeable that when playing instruments (synthesizer apps), the Galaxy Tab 2 gedudelt without objection, which was gate against seemingly overwhelmed right .. Here, the gate is actually better equipped. It cracked and sat out permanently. The contrast with GTab2 plays really well. Well, who is using the gate even as a musical instrument .. But if it depends on the sound reproduction, what is rotten!
Even in games and high volume, the seemingly favorable speakers became noticeable. Somewhere you have to save up.

Unfortunately, the gate is sometimes woken no longer out of the Deep Sleep (Standby mode), which was intended to correct only by rebooting. Please to update!

The battery discharges relatively nimble despite its 8000mAh. My WinDesk X10 with Windows on the other hand feels a bit more persistent. But that remains to be seen. From 8000mAh I expect in any case very much. Well let's look!

Also, "only" installed Android 4.4.2, 4.4.4 at least would be nice. Perhaps a luxury problem, but important.
In addition, the old problem with the non-writable SD card is present. This can indeed fixed (root!), But to go from house. Total Commander can not handle it, ES File Explorer, it can. As well must also produce an update.

Worried you look at a keyboard and a bag, so will not play loud music, sets an SD card and use the preinstalled ES File Explorer, it is really good advice to the gate! Now it is only the updates to make it better.

Should the gate someday a CyanogenMod ROM give (or ParanoidAndroid), and the CPU running overclocked slightly (Custom Kernel), the gate for the price is a blast. But even without tinkering, it is highly recommended!

So let's look at the price, the built-in hardware, especially the display and the right current Android, then you can really just for you! Who does not interfere with the huge screen, here is a fairly potent device. That would not be expected for about 130 at the "big" rudimentary! In addition, 16GB memory (eMMC) nothing is ordinary! Often resorted to only 4 or 8GB. Not here! Prima!

Android 5.0, please, all I can really expose! Once again great!

Well, I just hope not to find even more negative. Bin there but optimistic.

I would recommend it so!

Thank ODYS, there is again nothing bad to complain about!

perfect with my telescope Rank: 5/5
May 21
Do not buy !!! 1 4 Rank: 1/5
December 14
Game unusable Rank: 2/5
December 11
clear disappointment Rank: 2/5
February 15
Perfectly suited to the phone 3 Rank: 4/5
January 15

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