As an aesthetic art object attractive, practical to use, I would prefer a different version

As an aesthetic art object attractive, practical to use, I would prefer a different version

Taw - the game of marbles - noble wood version with glass marbles (Toys)

Customer Review

"Tav" is another name under which "abalone" is now simply also sold and from a manufacturer other than the original abalone. Whether the original inventor of the sales of both manufacturers benefit equally, I can not say. But the Identischkeit both games I want to anticipate, because the review reader probably - like me in front of purchase - asks, "Is this the same game ???".

With the version offered here you get above all a feast for the eye. As with different variants of chess boards and their figures it was not about that actual game to continue somehow or expand, but simply to the aesthetics. For me personally a game with good materials more joy, because you somehow "sublime" that feels. In my view, should be someone who did not know the game, familiarize yourself first with the basic game idea and its practice, before he reaches the same luxury variant. Otherwise there is a danger that a lot of money here for a copy is purchased, that ultimately is rapidly disappearing in the closet and stay there.

For me personally it has the variant "Abalone Qattro" particularly impressed that allows a game to three or four for two. In the following I would therefore like to give my review for game "Abalone Quattro 'again for the best. Abalone Quattro is priced on a level with "Tav", so I would advise the passionate players to four-player variant and would advise the friends of aesthetic Siel rather Taw.

I would advise against completely from the cheap classic two-player version of abalone. Sooner or later you necessarily like that game rather than just playing sometimes only a couple with three or four people. It would be stupid if you sit with two or three people, but then only two can play at the same time. So ... my thought ... until I grew my Quattro variant.

Basic information on abalone

From the bottom of her Abalone Quattro complies with the conditions and rules of the classic Abalone, which is designed for two players. Three circumstances like about the game particularly well:

- It's in no way to happiness, but skillful game and depends on luck in any way

- The rules are explained simply and quickly. So you have the game explained each within 1-2 minutes. This differs from other abalone Taktikspielen- and strategy games, in which you have to usher long and cumbersome and even other players.

- The season is short and manageable. The game can be decided in 5 to 15 minutes, depending on how long can the players time to the Superior.

Game variations with Abalone Quattro

The board of Abalone Quattro corresponds to the Board of the original game. In the original, there are 14 black and 14 white balls (So a total of 28 balls). Abalone Quattro contains 9 balls of each color (a total of 36 balls). This makes the equipment offers the possibility that classic Abalone to play for two, the - planned - four variant to play or to play the game to third. For performing the classic variant simply can take the black and white balls a player, while the other player uses the colored balls (yellow and red). Compared to the classic Abalone has so even spare balls if there is loss or balls to break go (What the balls pass on the right underground in case well, because it is made of a glassy substance). Or it can be the classic Abalone couple enjoying more playing balls (each with 18 instead of 14 balls per player). With Abalone Quattro but could play well even with three players and the board can be divided by its fields good arrangement so. You can Simply ververwenden three of the six corners of the board. So all three players have each other the same distances and conditions.

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