As beautiful as "In the absence of men"!

As beautiful as "In the absence of men"!

Accidental Man (Paperback)

Customer Review

Jai to have waited thirty years for the fourdre falls on me. () Today, I would put my knees and jimplorerai BE struck again. This is in these terms that all starts, we speak the one who tells his story. That of a young cop thirty years old, married and soon father, who is in charge of the investigation concerning this young prostitute found dead in a dHollywood Street in Los Angeles. In its investigations, the cop will need to meet the young actor Jack Bell, climbing film star after quon have found his name inscribed in the book of the victim.

The meeting of these two men are worlds apart will be the beginning of a real hurricane in their lives. The two men then born a word without dialogue, made of looks and silences, quune handle too heavily hand will seal: this second, this is sure, I have signed my death warrant. () I do not exempt myself to his desire.

Everything goes so fast, this is lincandescence feelings, the consuming passion drives too long denied, the pleasure of the flesh, and the descent into hell. Lack, violent, cruel, beautifully described; this lack that leaves no room quaux memories and pain. This collision between two men, the accident of life, Philippe Besson has a vibrant and sensitive novel. A story of love, inexorable and without happy end, without frills or unnecessary regrets. Just the facts, words, feelings, as the author knows so well doing it. Traces of a man accidentally left in the life of another.

Very challenging Rank: 3/5
January 17
Am satisfied. 45 Rank: 5/5
May 8
Imposing and full Manual Rank: 5/5
July 18
absence Rank: 1/5
July 24
Not bad but ... 141 Rank: 3/5
November 5
Super !!!! 1880 6108 Rank: 5/5
March 27

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