Assassins Creed 4 Resume

Assassins Creed 4 Resume

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag - Bonus Edition - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)

Customer Review

I've played jetz 12h and by far the best pirate game that I've ever played. Even if you can ever do anything with AC, but privateer / pirate fan is, you should get this one.

The story is independent from the other parts. Is interesting to note that one candidate only in the course of the story the Assassins and the main character Edward, very "secular" has dreams and desires. Edward always has a good dorms, is success Sure, Rau and is quite stubborn. He just wants to be Reich to offer a good life to his family. And well, how to get in the 18th century quickly and "just" in the money? By piracy! So off we go to the Caribbean.

The side story at the time in 2012, you can, if you so want, mostly skip. It is rather for die-hard AC fans. There's plenty of background information to discover if you look around a bit and the computer hacks (via mini-game). Documents relating to the Animus, the precursor (Minerva, Zeus, etc.), their artifacts, Desmond and the Templar / Assassin.

Combat system on land
The combat system was taken over by part 3, which is not bad. You can now carry several guns simultaneously and fairly quick succession abfeuer. In addition, you can finally with a gun "free" goals.

Graphics & Bugs
The graphics are again a bit better than in AC3. You can can definitely see. The vegetation looks very cool. Give it time also to hunt some very interesting animals. Eg. Crocodiles, sharks, pumas, ocelots, iguanas and much more.

Fortunately, the game is even mostly bug free. I have so far noticed only a few graphical glitches. Hardly clipping errors and passersby that appear out of nowhere.

Combat ship
The ship control was also taken almost 1 to 1 of Ac3. But there are now additional possibility: you can aim more accurately, shoot forward chain balls, throw explosive barrels backwards and firing mortars. The ship can also upgrade again, this time even in great detail. Also in terms of appearance. There are several figureheads, steering wheels, sails etc.

Unlike Part 3 there is finally back to climb a couple of interesting, high-rise buildings, such. As in Havana. But some interesting forts, cliffs, Maya Temple, etc. Quite simply said, much better than in AC3.

The game world is huge. We have here a hitherto unknown sense of freedom, because the game world is completely free explorable, by ship. This time you can namely always go on board, stop anywhere on the ship and go ashore. Simply set sail. That has something special, really cool. ;)

Of course you can not climb any rock, but there are still about 30 large islands where there is something to discover. Small farms (which can be attacked even), Mayan temple, old pirate camp, Jungle, ports, forts, settlements, etc.
In addition, approximately 50 again very small islands where you can find boxes, cargo, data fragments (collectibles) and treasures. There are also three large cities. Kingston (Jamaica), Nassau and Havana (Cuba).

One meets also constantly on other ships of different variations. Schonore, frigates, warships etc.

All this is not scripted and so arise all sorts of interesting situations. Even naval battles between the English and Spanish. You can also at any time and boarded ships to attack. It can capture the goods can be sold and which one needs for upgrading of own ship.

Nearby Attractions
Boxes: In this game, it's worth finally to open the innumerable boxes. The money can you really use. Since the upgrades are quite expensive for the ship and the equipment for Edward, you have to also think about me, what is more important.

Data fragments: Bright dots that are usually hard to reach places, like in AC3. Kp which you can unlock by.

Mayan stones: You have to climb a Mayan pile up there and you have to by mini-game (some forms rotate). One schlatet free special gear. The piles can be found on all kinds of islands.

Treasure Maps: This is usually when skeletons of dead pirates / sailors. You see an "X" on a drawn map, where distinctive landscape features are drawn. In addition there is a number. If you now go to the menu and calls the map of the game world, there are a number for each position. So you can determine the approximate location of the treasure and locally you have to then look at the treasure map and dig up the treasure in more detail.

Shaynts: New Songs for the team. These are Flying leaves, you must as the Alamanach pages to AC3, etc. chase across rooftops.

Manuscripts: One can find different manuscripts. What you can do with it exactly, I have not yet figured out.

Message in a Bottle: Everywhere you can find small bottles. It describes a certain person his life. Background information about the story, so I want to give anything away here. ;)

Hunting: It is like chasing in AC3, different animal. This time, in addition also in the water. It is called "harpooning" and is an interesting little mini game in which you try to harpoon by a choice (Shark, Orca, etc). to kill. The animal can also attack and destroy the small boat, so it is initially without upgrades a little tricky. From the prey is one, like in Far Cry 3, Increases in the protagonists ago. For example Munitions bags, health upgrades, etc.

Assassins orders: Also similar to AC3 / Ac2, only this time you have mostly yet to travel a bit and make the goal on an island locate. Stealth will be rewarded (very cool).

Raids: Man learns of a trade route and need the ships to attack and board there. Freight and Gold can be obtained.

I above probably forgotten a few things such. As the diver, which so far I could not test, but the most intelligent choice.
My expectations were met and it seems as if it again really uphill, with the series (although I think that was it never really went, it was just something "uninspired"). ;)
The this is finally a real hit!

The Assassins and Templars are this time a little in the background, but that does not great as a pirate atmosphere, the endless number of side activities, the game world and the interesting supporting character captivate immediately.

Real Cons have so far actually not necessarily noticed. Probably my opinion is here somewhat subjective, but the game makes me just a lot of fun. Well, it's still "Assassin's Creed" and much has been taken from its predecessor, but that's nothing bad. ;)
I'm not through with the story, so I can say this, unfortunately, nothing. Probably I would have criticism or not. Surprise me.

If you like AC, can safely access, who can do what to do with pirates, Caribbean voyage, also. And anyone else who can actually access, because the game is truly a real multi-talent. ;)

Very good 28 1 Rank: 4/5
February 19
great game, varied, exciting Rank: 5/5
April 27
55PUS9109 ingenious device Rank: 5/5
December 10
This is the Corsair.! Rank: 5/5
January 24
Small super book Rank: 5/5
December 21

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