at the beginning of genuine class, now permanently WLAN crashes

at the beginning of genuine class, now permanently WLAN crashes

Fire TV Stick (Electronics)

Customer Review

My Fire TV Stick was delivered on the release date and was very easy to set up.
Advantage of the wizard is that the stick really gets set each.

The stick was working several days without problems, I have about 10 movies can thus look crashes without any problems, stuttering or WLAN. But since last night the Stick reports andaurnd the WLAN would slowly before he announced even he can not find the WLAN. "Search again" One was unsuccessful. Mobile phone and notebook, however, work on the same WLAN.
Unplugging the USB cable and restart the sticks brought back into being a connection. However, these now broke after less than 30 minutes together.
The notebook with which I am writing this review and has no problems with the Wi-Fi.

I have now looked up to the available networks in the Fire TV Stick, my wireless was there no longer listed. After renewed search for wireless displays Signal Strength "very good" - but "associated with problems".
I wanted to add the wireless network again and have this cleared - it was a mistake to now the stick is no longer a WLAN. Not even the other neighbors. So now once restarted the Fire TV Stick, then 5 WLANs were displayed. New Wi-Fi connected, then it went again. I just hope this crashes stop.

But now to the further positive:
- The stick is small and handy
- The image quality (series, movies and own pictures) is really good
- The establishment is quick and easy
- Thanks to "Prime" many films and series are free.
- The Stick can also be used for other applications (Sky Go), this I have not. My stick is still in its original state.

Actually, the stick is a good idea and super solution - were it not for the WiFi problem.

Should the problem persist I change once the Access Point and the Wi-Fi and complete the review.

Very good 334 Rank: 5/5
April 19
Design Practice Rank: 5/5
November 2
SVELTESSE 2 Rank: 5/5
November 2
of the original Rank: 5/5
May 15

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