At the beginning of peak, now only well .... and tomorrow ???

At the beginning of peak, now only well .... and tomorrow ???

Wool 1528N Cast Pan 28cm Titanium Nowo (household goods)

Customer Review

After I bought my first wool pan, I was so excited (despite his weight) that I almost put on me the whole range.

Now that I have the pans a couple of years in regular use, I must say that I am very disappointed with the durability. We have no pan ever expected metal scraper or knife but different dishes with "WOOD-spoons" turned the sausages with tongs, but which has never touched the pan. And although the pans are cleaned by hand in the sink, will by and by the coating.
From because of particularly scratch stable etc. and because "even if the coating should come off partially, the operability is still given" something was the advertising on television that has moved me at the time to buy.

The pans are still dimensionally stable and not bulge out, but actually we had bought them to save fat.
This can be after a while but do not forget, because without fat the food to be stuck in the pan wool.
Too bad, I would have preferred honesty and maybe still bought the pans, because little fat is still better than a lot of fat, but the "shelf life" rather, the lack of selbiger makes me refrain from further distance wool products.

Since I buy the next pan prefer without coating. Then at least I know what to expect.

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November 9
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January 28
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August 24
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February 21

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