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Steba KB19 Grill oven / 18 L / 1300 Watt / program selector (household goods)

Customer Review

Anticipation, most importantly, with my KB19-baking results I am very satisfied so far. Have long been a fan of mini ovens.

Had from 1995-2011 a mini oven the trade mark "Alaska" almost daily use; who had about the same degree as the Steba KB 19, but no convection. Recirculation was at Mini-ovens, Bj. 95, not yet, of course, any more than the double glass pane. Then as now, there was inexplicably no electric light in the oven, perhaps The same goes manufacturers so only in ten to twenty years.

The housing of Alaska was made of thick steel plate, the interior was something like schamottbeschichtet, the power cord was nice and long, the stems of the rotary potentiometer ("buttons") were made of metal, the knobs were not a game, and when the furnace had reached its operating temperature , the unit left to the user that important information by the extinction of a separate bulb given. Once the oven nachheizte during the baking process, the separate lights came on and then off again. The baking results were satisfactory for a device without convection.

The "Alaska" We had now disposed of: On the one hand he had become quite unsightly, on the other hand the door hinge was at the end of his spirit - apart from working the oven but still. Life: Sixteen years. Since you can not complain! Was not been the cheapest device, then.

But now for Steba KB 19: Due to my good experience with (? German) value work in mini ovens I wanted this time not the cheapest China-device, but looked around for a German manufacturer. (The quality of modern China Miniabkacköfen but I know from the kitchen of another household.) In the end the choice fell on Steba: Steba The ovens were relatively good at Amazon customers away.

As soon as I unpacked the unit, I noticed negative, how thin is "flabby" the housing plate of this device compared to my old stove. And not only the housing plate you had saved on material: Even the power cord was downright ridiculous fall short! Here was evidently paid tribute to the rise in copper prices. Since the manufacturer has saved time but clearly on the wrong end! - Especially since ever before will be warned not to use such fuel-intensive appliances with extension cable, which, however, hardly be avoided in this way! The short power cord seems indeed like one of those famous bulkhead or Schwaben jokes!

The criticized by other reviewers shakiness of the plastic knobs can be probably explained by the fact that this may well have, for reasons of heat emission in this device no direct contact housing. So sit the corresponding potentiometer (the electrical components to which the buttons are pushed) not directly bolted to the device housing, but somewhere "free-running" in the interior of the furnace.

But with the "buttons" lurk three further points of criticism:

1. The potentiometer shafts are made of plastic! When the upper knob (temperature) that may not matter, because it is very smooth. In the bottom two "knobs" (the average is actually a rotary selector switch) sees the matter but already different: Both are relatively stiff, and when operating these "buttons" acts but quite a considerable force on the respective plastic shaft. In addition, the shaft accommodating the cheap-looking plastic buttons is also made of plastic - and not metal-reinforced, as one might assume. Plastic against plastic so. I therefore dare to predict that the disposal ground by rotating knobs will be of the two lower knobs (literally) in a few years.

2. unrealistic temperature scaling: For some reason are frozen ready food (real-life trail mix!) Usually at 225 ° C (fan 200 ° C) are fully baked. Cakes, eg ready-Sponge Cake, mW is baked usually at 180 ° C. These are in this country so as the "standard temperature". One indication that the device seems to be designed by men, however, can be found on the temperature control knob: "... 170 ... 210 ... 230" (° C).

3. imprecise symbols Print: When middle knob (rotary selector switch), which is responsible for setting the basic functions, the icons are also printed as the OE thermostat. However, its icon is not exactly in the center under the appropriate place on the housing printed black directional line, but somewhere besides the left. This can be very irritating at the beginning. "German engineering" is called that!

The interior of the furnace is black, to my knowledge, non-stick coating. To what extent this is an advantage or disadvantage in relation to the Fireclay look my old furnace, I can not say. Suspect, however, that the interior of the new furnace is expected to be easier to clean.

The double glass oven door I felt when I informed me about this product feature is a great advantage, because I was hoping that at the vulnerability oven door, the oven heat would not escape so easily as in my old device with single glass door. Far from it: The glass exterior is merely, as it were "free-floating", clamped at four points on the inner pane of glass (and so closes flush with the enclosure front). No appreciable thermal insulation between the inner and outer wheel so! The double glass is apparently only for a better protection against glass breakage of the inner pane - perhaps to prevent burns when touching the plate during furnace operation. Between inner pane and housing located on the furnace opening at least one all-silicone heat seal (which my old unit had not), but also does not terminate really tight. After all, it dampens the noise when closing the oven door.

The accessories of the oven is convenient, but the edges of the baking tray are not high enough that you could bake a sponge cake in danger (more so suitable for biscuits, steaks). It is recommended that the purchase of an additional high sided silicone baking pan ("lasagna baking pan"). Silicone bakeware is indeed usually a very flabby matter, but they have the great advantage that no additional baking paper is required. Is best to think the shape then on the included metal mesh and then takes the form after baking also together with the metal grille out of the oven. A corresponding gripping tool, which makes the oven mitt obsolete, is an accessory to the furnace.

Have the furnace previously operated almost exclusively with the recirculation and was always very satisfied with the baking results for the following reasons: 1. Fast. Faster than my old oven. 2. Compared with the old furnace surface relatively uniform baking result. (Mini-ovens tend indeed generally to the bakery in the rear furnace intensive browning than the front, near the door.)

The furnace has only one light, one function lamp only indicates that the oven "somehow" is. A mE most meaningful operating lamp, which indicated the reached operating temperature, is unfortunately missing completely. Instead, succinctly pointed out in the manual, you may but generally Preheat the oven ten minutes. Utter nonsense! If you hold a preheat the oven really necessary, ranging from five minutes easy - especially in recirculation mode. "Ten minutes Preheat" perhaps applies to the large built-in oven - but not for this little pizza toaster!

Visually, the furnace is a matter of taste, but I have to say I like it. Simple, edgy fashion design in "Brushed stainless steel" look.

Its "Made in Germany" -Vertrauensvorschuss has Steba but playful thoroughly from the beginning with me: the thin body sheet metal, particularly the much too short power cord, the plastic construction of the mechanically stressed controls and the total somewhat imprecise processing of the device remember but too much of the Contemporary China competition. (After all, I remember that once everything was better!) In addition to the optics the device has nothing to offer, so the choice is not just well might fall on a product from the Far East. The real reason why you should opt for a device "made in Germany" instead of chinaware nevertheless is, therefore be obtained from Amnesty International.

For a few Euros more I could at that time even the next larger model - can order with chicken carousel. I just still opted for the smaller model, because I am with the here available oven finally gotten along for sixteen years, and because I had the suspicion that the rotisserie motor with the larger model would constantly run along, although the Rotisserie se is rarely needed (additional wearing part!). In addition, a larger interior also means higher energy consumption.

With good will I give the device four out of five stars. Finally, I am pleased with the results so far back indeed very happy. A few years will already hold in almost daily use in my estimation, the device.

Would I buy the product again? I think so. The thin sheet metal, the short cable: The nowadays are probably all like that. - Previously, just everything was better.

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