Beautiful sound, poor manual

Beautiful sound, poor manual

Lenco SR-05 BT Retro RDS radio with Bluetooth and USB charger (30 Watt RMS, 2 speakers, wooden cabinet, AUX, remote control) White (Electronics)

Customer Review

The radio has a great sound and a very well-functioning Bluetooth function.
This has already been discussed in several reviews, so I want to focus on the points that tarnish my overall impression and therefore result in a 4 star rating.

1. Lenco SR-05 BT is not equal Lenco SR-05 BT
In my Internet research, I came almost entirely on a different figure than the device offered here.
Again, in the product description another picture is shown as the item image shown above.
The same type identifier is also available with a black inverted Dispay showing 3 lines (I personally find visually more attractive).
Anticipation, you get exactly the device, as it is depicted here as a product image - from Amazon's side so all OK, but you should read the description on work.
When unpacking, I saw on the box, the model with black display is forms - I thought "Cool, this looks still better." In the box was then but the version with LCD and bright backlight. :-(
Not bad (I knew when buying), but which Lenco SR-05 BT now has the dark display is not somehow find out.

2. Commissioning
Under the unit is a battery compartment for two AA batteries.
In the instructions, is not a word, neither the subject nor the function described.
This seems to be the back-up batteries for the alarm function obviously.

3. Set the Clock
Again, you will not find in the manual how to do that.
Device must be off (standby), then press and hold source.
There are 3 menus: Alarm 1, Alarm 2 and clock.
If Auto clock on [ON) is obviously trying to relate about the RDS signal the time. If, here [OFF], you can set the date and time manually using the control dial.
This could have been described in the instructions.

4. Save radio stations
Here is something in the manual :-)
Unfortunately, this only works with the remote control. Should go once broken or lost, no more stations can be stored.
Only on the machine Sichen tuning that fills the 60 station presets sorted by frequencies (pressed Play / Pause button and hold).
However, the remote control makes a good impression, so I do not expect a loss.

That to my criticisms.

It is primarily concerned with documentation and contradictory Abblidungen the network, therefore only 1 star deduction.
A better guide would certainly be helpful. Not everyone has the technical explorers urge to find out which functions by "trial and error". Pressing the right rotary control, namely for too long, the device makes a reset and you can adjust everything new :-)

My Conclusion:
+ Sound great
+ Bluetooth work right away with mobile phones and tablets - remote control works to change the title and play / pause - be as heck.
+ Volume absolutely sufficient
+ Toggle Switches look great (Standby / On, Bass, Trebble)
Tidy + remote control and covers all functions

0 Range / transmission power of the remote control in my view somewhat weak
0 The display is OK, the black inverted display (as seen on some figures about this device) like something better.
0 LED for Bluetooth (blinking in search lights if connected) is very bright from my feeling and a bit annoying.

- Decor a bit tricky due to incomplete instructions. With a little trial and error, however schaffbar. One does indeed not so often.

I would buy the device at any time, since it looks very nice, has a good sound and (once if everything is set up) works fine.

Our ferrets have fun drinking Rank: 5/5
November 17
disturbing 1 Rank: 4/5
March 7
Beautiful shell 11 1 Rank: 5/5
February 25
tricky if you are not expert. Rank: 4/5
December 30
Too bad it is not strong! Rank: 3/5
October 1

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