Beautiful thoughtful housing, but with slight quirks

Beautiful thoughtful housing, but with slight quirks

NZXT H440 - mid tower - ATX, CA H440W-M2 (Accessories)

Customer Review

Because I was once again looking for a new case, (my old BitFenix ​​Prodigy M was now something too tight sized) I had picked out several favorites. Among them were previously the BitFenix ​​Pandora and the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv, both micro-ATX case and in the same price range as the NZXT. I decided against both, because I just wanted to have more space in the housing again. The NZXT H440 I bought the orange variant, because it looked simply chic and visually matches the remaining hardware. But what I have then seen as the first in a box, has not really blew me away. The "Orange", which can be seen in the pictures, is in reality much more reddish and looks like cheap plastic MMN, here I would have expected something better for the price. Because I would rather have taken the red or the white version of the event. Otherwise, the H440 on the whole is processed very neat and justifies its price. The entire casing is made of steel, which is painted matt black. On one hand, the matte finish looks very nice, but is also quite vulnerable to fingerprints and extremely scratch-resistant. This accessory turns out rather small: manual, some cable ties and screws. 4 fans are preinstalled, which are, however, quite hot and not so really quiet. Spacers are pre-assembled for ATX boards.
Remarkable are the flat front and the lid, which only at the sides of openings, but are otherwise completely free of slots and holes. Accordingly, it is necessary to dispense with drives and Fan Controllers, both have served here. The ventilation options are a bit unusual in H440, instead of large holes at the top, the fans can put on the air only on the sides and out bubbles and thereby slowed down in its speed. The top and front, easy peel with some force and are plugged. Among them are located on the front fan 3, which are provided with a large dust. In theory can be both front and above 3 120 fans or installing 2 140s, but I think that because of the close ventilation unnecessary. On the top 2 140mm fans can be installed. Very handy, I find the possibility that disconnected from the power supply housing located and does not interfere optically and from the ventilation. The power supply can shove from behind in the channel and is then screwed. There is a lot of space, so you have to worry about too many cables. As an optical gimmick there on the cover an illuminated NZXT logo. A special feature of the H440 is the preinstalled dusk, which is located on both sides and above and at the front. The side panels are fastened with normal screws, which can turn out by hand and are attached to the side panel so that they are not lost. For hard drives is plentiful thanks to the waiver of 5.25 slots: There are 5 removable rubber mounts for 3.5 / 2.5 drives, which should be absolutely sufficient for everyone, on the power supply unit cover is additionally accommodate two 2.5 hard drives.
My GTX 970 reference design fits easily into the case and if you still rausnimmt a disk slot, is also space for astronomical maps.

The NZXT H440 is a solid case at a perhaps slightly too high an attached price, which can set the hardware well in scene with its simple but beautiful look. With the non-existent 5.25 slots NZXT is a trend that is now slowly becomes the standard in design enclosures as optical drives are becoming superfluous. This, however, also arise many course options, in particular for cabling, long graphics cards or components for water cooling. But due to the outlying color on the original images I advise against buying the orange version.

+ Schlichter, modern look
+ Solid build quality, all external parts made of steel
+ Pre-installed insulation
Separated + power supply from the housing interior
+ Space for large graphics cards and many hard drives
+ Plenty of space for cable management
+ Illuminated rear ports, backlit NZXT logo
+ Dust filter for front and PSU

- Color deviates greatly from product images on
- No Room For Drives
- Plastic looks cheap
- Limited ventilation
- Supplied fan is too loud
- Matt varnish very scratch-prone
- Needless small reset button

Fits - a good thing Rank: 5/5
December 18
OUF, this is the last! Rank: 2/5
March 24
Good absorbent Rank: 5/5
May 9
Original production 13 Rank: 5/5
November 17

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